5 Improvement Ideas To Upgrade Your Home – if you have the budget

5 Improvement Ideas To Upgrade Your Home – if you have the budget

I just came back from Brazil, and I wish I had time to check the CasaCor – one of the most famous home design exhibitions in the country.

At least, I could to visit the website, look at some projects to feel inspired by those architects and designers that put together 75 amazing home decor projects.

These projects are stunning indeed, and they may suit different types of budget and style. I’m not planning any changes in my flat this year, but I still can dream about an amazing decor project, can’t I?

So, let’s set the bar high and prepare a list of possible(ish) home improvement projects that could (or not) be come true someday.


Photo by Sharath Babu from Pexels

Cinema Room

I told you to think big! Let’s be honest, our sofa is comfy. But having a cinema room to spend the time picking your next Netflix binge -watch is another level.

The funny thing about it is that a guest bedroom can be easily transformed in a cosy little (or big) theatre. It can come true!

You may need a comfy sofa bed, projector and a quality surround sound system to make the magic happens though. That puts the budget a bit up, of course.


Fancy a sauna or a hot bath?

Fancy a sauna or a hot bath?

Oh c’mon, we already talked about it here. A nice bathroom makeover would be just what you need to lift up your mood. However, I would just go for a hot tub in the garden to make the most of the summer days in the UK.

I know the hot weather doesn’t last long in this country, but have you heard about the benefits of having a hot bath outside in the winter?

Saunas are also a good match. Why not go for a nice steam shower then? You could also look into getting custom pools and spas installed to really stun your visitors.


Photo by trashhand from Pexels

Luxury Glass Lift

What? A lift at home? Is it even possible? Yep, mate. It’s actually quite trendy. And if you have the cash to splash, here we go, a luxury glass lift can be a good fit for your store and even home improvement ideas. Why not?

I just can think about Blair Waldorf home when I imagine having a lift at my home, anyways. But there we go, it’s possible in New York and in the UK too. Not for me though, I still would prefer the old and good stairs. More environmental friendly. 😉


Underfloor Heating

Luxury, isn’t it? Is it even a trend? Probably is. The truth is that you can have your foor heated by electricity or water pipes.

It’s nice to imagine you can walk barefoot and feel warm at your kitchen or bathroom in the winter. But I confess it would scares-me-big-time even knowing it is probably 100% safe. Besides, it would also end up the era of buying big wool socks in the Christmas. Not fair. I know.


Photo by André Beltrame from Pexels

Going Al Fresco Eating

I don’t eat met, right? But having an pizza over or barbecue grill in a cosy little outside area is always a a great idea, especially if you will receive friends around for a cooking outside experience.

Besides, you can add bits and bobs to the decor that will make all difference. It can also be a good room for reading too. Two for the price of one.

Cover Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

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