Have a Romantic Holiday in Cambodia

Cambodia offers the traveller a unique insight into a culture that is like no other, and with French and Chinese influence, the Cambodian culture is bold and colourful. If you are looking for a romantic holiday destination, you couldn’t pick a better venue than Cambodia, a country that has something for everyone.

Long Beach – If you are a beach couple, the sandy beaches at Long Beach will provide the perfect romantic location, with white sand and turquoise sea that seems to go on forever.

Book your trip with an established tour operator and they can help you create the perfect schedule that would include time at Angkor Wat and serene days at Long Beach.

Angkor Wat – No holiday in Cambodia would be complete without a visit to this truly magnificent maze of temples. Angkor Wat is the biggest religious structure in the world, and there are some amazing vistas that put you into another world, and if you are planning to pop the question in Cambodia, look no further than Angkor Wat.

The best way to plan your holiday is to book through Exotic Voyages Cambodia luxury tours that are tailored to suit the client. You might want to spend a few days looking at this magnificent complex of temples, and even then, you would only see a part of the entire complex.

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Phnom Kulen National Park – Another must-visit venue, this beautiful park contains the Kulen Waterfalls, which are truly spectacular, and this is the nearest thing you’ll find to the Garden of Eden.

You could send a few days exploring this unique valley, and with some great backdrops, you and your partner can escape the modern world for a few days and immerse yourselves in pure natural beauty.

Talk to an experienced tour operator about romantic venues in Cambodia and they will help you to plan the ideal holiday that encompasses the very best venues Cambodia has to offer.

Sen Monorom – There is an elephant sanctuary in this town, and you and your partner can spend a few days enjoying life with these majestic creatures.

The town has more than 7,000 inhabitants, with the elephant sanctuary being the major attraction, and it is the home for the Pnong people, an ethnic group that have lived in this region for thousands of years. Located on the eastern frontier, Sen Monorom has some stunning mountains and valleys, making it a must-visit venue for all romantics.

Ta Prohm – A section of Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm was used in filming Laura: Tomb Raider, and is a great favourite spot for honeymoon couples.

Unique tree growth patterns and stunning Khmer architecture makes this a great place for romantic couples, and if you plan your holiday with an experienced local tour company, you are guaranteed to visit the most romantic spots in Cambodia.

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The only way to be sure that your holiday in Cambodia is everything you could wish for, it is best to book through a recognised tour operator, and with their help, you and your partner will have an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your lives.

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