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Let’s be honest, we spend most part of our days with smartphones on hands. Sometimes, it’s the first accessory to have in hands first thing in the morning. The statistics shows there are nearly 10 billion smartphones in use in the world currently.Impressive, I know.

The truth is mobile phones are work tool for some, while other people just use it as entertainment. We probably shouldn’t rely on this so much, but that’s modern life.


Together with owing a mobile, there is a huge market for quirky gadgets and practical accessories that help us keeping our appliances on shape.

A phone case, for example, is an indispensable one. It not only protects our phone from bumps and knocks but at time, gives it some style too.


I have tried so many different cases made of different materials and designs before. But when I was invited by My Personalise Case to review one of their products, I didn’t think twice and picked  a design that would be unique, durable and outstanding.


How it works?

I quite like the idea of My Personalised Case offers numerous designs to go for. Just in case you’re in doubt and need some inspiration. But it’s fairly easy to create your personalised phone case too, and the service is quite straight forward too.

  • Pick your accessory
  • Design your case
  • They ship it.


I have decided for a wood phone case, which was a design that I wanted to try for a long time ago. I wanted to give a bit of character to my case, so I have chosen to put the logo of my website on it.

The customisation was straight forward too. Here’s the step by step:

  • Choose your type of phone – iPhone, Samsung, Sony, among other brands.
  • Pick the type of case you want – wooden, silicone, 3D hard case, etc.
  • Start to design it -pick the desired template, upload photos, texts and effects too
  • Preview it and Bang! Your personalised case is ready to be ship it.

I loved to design my own phone case. It was fun and didn’t have any trouble to upload photos or adding effects and text to this.


What I like about it?

To start with, I made a good decision choosing the wood phone case. It looks so durable and much more practical than I expected. The quality of this case made out of bamboo is just incredible.


Not to mention, that it makes it a sustainable product as well. Love it. The logo was placed precisely, and it does look nice with a bit of texture. It’s easy to place and take it out. Overall, my customised phone case is gorgeous and I’m happy with the final result of product.

*I received this product complimentary from My Personalised Case for testing purposes. 

Simone Ribeiro
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