48 Hours in Liverpool | What to Do and See

I usually tell my friends that Liverpool is the city to be whether you fancy the Beatles Experience, football indulgence, retail therapy, a gastronomic adventure or immerse your soul in culture and heritage.

Liverpool is for everyone, and that it’s enough reason to start planning your visit this summer, or anytime you fancy it.


So, why not starting with a 48-hour itinerary to explore what this amazing city has to offer? A weekend in Liverpool can guarantee you to make the most of this bubbling city.

First things first, where to stay? It will vary from people to people. You can experience the luxury of a boutique hotel near the famous docks or stay in a Beatles themed one. I have opted to stay in an stunning flat at a Grade II Listed Building by the Mersey once, with no regrets.

Day #1  

Tour Guide at Liverpool F.C.


As a Brazilian citizen, football always comes to the agenda when travelling anywhere. Why not starting your day with a tour guide at an iconic stadium as the Anfield?I did it twice already, and I just loved the atmosphere and knowledge we get from it.


We were able to see the dressing rooms, Steve Gerrard’s impressive collection of footballer’s tops and memorabilia, the This is Anfield famous sign, the press room, trophies and the stadium’s iconic and stunning pitch itself.


You can book the Anfield tour experience here. I do recommend joining it as early as possible because it lasts one-hour (ish) and you may be carried on visiting the LFC shop as well.


You may also cross the Goodison Park to visit Everton FC’s pitch have some spare time.

Shopping, everyone?

Liverpudlians are spoilt for choice when it comes to trendy and high-street shops. From big brands to boutiques and independent ones, it’s a paradise for shopping. However, if you’re just visiting for a weekend, Liverpool One can be your answer.

I would risk to say, there are so many things to do in Liverpool One that it will be necessary to visit the place twice. Besides, it’s an excellent option for families looking for extra entertainment for kids, and good restaurant options for a lunch and dinner.


Walking through the Beatles Legacy

That’s a tricky one for a 48-hour staying. There are plenty of Beatles related guided tours in the city. I always did it by myself (with my personal guide and husband) because it doesn’t demand time scheduled or advanced bookings.


The first pit-stop should be the Cavern Club, of course, in the Cavern Quarter.

Have a beer (or two) in the most iconic music venue of Liverpool (and maybe the world). As well as join the choir of many fans visiting the place to sing Hey Jude (in infinite looping, of course) or any other Beatles’s hit you want.


It’s a must do experience.


Other compulsory pit stops for me as a Beatles fan: The Strawberry Fields, a house where John Lennon grew up, Penny Lane (sign) and of course, George Harrison’s birthplace house.


Please, have in mind that there are hundreds of Beatles tours (and museums) to join. But in this case, you may need to use your weekend just to enjoy the whole experience.


Have a stroll at the Royal Albert Docks

By the end of the day, you may have a look at the beauty and buzzing Royal Albert Docks. Free events, museums, bars, restaurants and guaranteed fun. Have a stroll in the area and find your place to start enjoying the Liverpudlian nightlife.


It’s also a beautiful landmark and it’s the place where it’s located the famous Beatles Story Museum.

Day #2


Get a ticket to cross the Mersey by Ferry

That’s something to clear the air after enjoying (too much) the first night at the Matthews Street bars and clubs.

Or if you fancy the stunning view of Liverpool docks and skyline – it’s the place to be. Start your day getting the ferry crossing the Mersey river and have guaranteed views of this gorgeous city and expect to listen to the Gerry and The Peacemakers’ famous hit.

That is one of the most interesting experiences to music fans around the world.


Explore Liverpool’s history & heritage

There are so much to soak from a city with so much history. But if you need to choose a museum to visit – I would go for the International Slavery Museum. It’s compulsory to understand the history of contemporary slavery, as well as a place to understand the importance of human rights.


You can get a gist of Liverpool’s heritage walking through the streets as well, of course. Its stunning architecture is fulfilled with important and iconic landmarks, sculptures, cathedrals and listed buildings. Don’t blink or you miss a thing.


Radio City Tower Tour

Do you want another view of Liverpool’s stunning skyline and beyond? This is the place to be. St. Johns Beacon is home to Radio City, Radio City 2, Radio City 3 and Radio City walk as well.


Needless to say, I would love to have a work like this, where you can have a beautiful 360 degrees panoramic view of the city, where you can see the Mersey River, or even have a glimpse of North Wales and the Cumbrian Hills. Blimey!


Blundell Sands Beach

The Merseyside county is also made by an impressive coastline. If you have time to stretch your sightseeing a bit, visit the of Blundell sands beach in the north of Crosby.

Best known for its numerous and permanent art installation Another Place made by Antony Gormley, this huge open shoreline is a wonderful spot to enjoy the sunset.


The iron men sculptures give a bit of live to the huge stretch of this sandy beach, especially when the high tides start to cover them. It’s important to remember that is not recommended to enter in the water, due to the numerous cases of tourists being trapped in quicksand.

*This is a collaborative post

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