Best Smartphone Deals – What to consider when choosing the ideal Internet plan?

It’s still difficult to estimate the exact number of mobile phone users in the UK, some surveys point out that there are over 60 million mobile users in the country, which could estimate that 87% of adults in the UK have a smartphone.

We rely more and more on our devices. Not to mention that the average adult spends two-and-a-half-hours on their phone per day.

I have no shame to say that I depend on my mobile phone 24/7. From booking my lessons to updating social media on my website. I’m constantly online, and I can easily confirm how frustrating it would be a day without the internet.

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As the companies are releasing new features and more processing powering to their devices, consumers are nowadays using mobile phones for practically everything – from paying bills online to binge Netflix to running businesses.

Not to mention that the 5G era is already knocking at our doors. As the devices are more sophisticated, the industry is producing more complex and powerful smartphones. We do need to keep up with the technology.

But it’s not just it, considering that the average person in the UK spends more than a day a week online, it’s pretty clear that choosing an ideal internet package deal for your smartphone is as important as choosing the best model itself.

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But how to find the best deals in the market nowadays?

We are spoilt for choice out there when talking about internet package deals. However, there are some ways of finding the cheaper and more reliable ones without too much headache.

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Compare Package Plans

A comparison of broadband and mobile phone websites can be the best way of searching for the most appropriate deals and tariffs. As well as, it’s the place to be when looking for trustworthy brands and providers.

If you want to run away from the extravagant contract deals and be connected wherever you go, without relying on public WI-Fi, the unlimited SIM-only deals are the perfect alternative for you.

Believe it or not, finding unlimited SIM-only deals is easier and more affordable than you can imagine. It’s important to remember that the best deal will depend on how you use data on your device. But I think unlimited SIM plans work perfectly if the idea is to use the mobile phone when commuting or if you’re out most of the time.

Besides, we already have plans with unlimited text messages, why not thinking on unlimited data too?

Comparison websites can be a helpful tool because we can choose the plan according to our budget and needs, and it will definitely be the first step to stop fearing to exceed the data allowance limits.

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Is the Roaming a big deal?

One important lesson I have learnt is if I want to use my mobile phone when I travel, always check if your plan offers a reliable (and cheap) roaming package. I guess free-roaming is essential when travelling. Otherwise, you are going to have a quite expensive surprise when going back home.

I depend on my smartphone to work when I am abroad, especially using social media and my blog.

But I lost the count of times I was let down by keeping the roaming on all the time. It’s always better to play safe and choose the local Wi-Fi connection. But if you have to rely on roaming, choose a global plan that will keep you connected wherever you go.


Don’t be afraid of switching

Don’t be afraid of change! This is the most honest opinion I can give about saving money when looking for an Internet package. Don’t be afraid of trying something new. Broadband and Internet providers are competing for space in the market.

Sometimes, giving a new provider a go will be the push you need to start saving money and finding a better deal.

Don’t worry. You won’t be penalised when cancelling your current contract. There are laws to protect your rights even when we don’t give it a “period notice”. Always research and make the best choice for you.

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