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Wow! It’s nearly August, and half of the year just gone. And a lot of things have changed at my home since I have written the 7 steps to become more sustainable.  My husband and I are more conscious than ever about how to reduce carbon footprints  and general use of plastic, for example.


However, there were a few things that still bothered me in our daily habits in the house. Some changes are for good, while others are still in progress.

The fact is that it wasn’t difficult to make some of those changes. What proves that we can all jump in this journey for a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are some go greener changes at my home implemented this year!


1-Old School Kitchen Towels

My husband is a big fan of paper kitchen towels. He tries the best to buy the biggest tubes, avoiding more plastic packaging that comes with it. However, I becoming more like an old-fashioned householder, trying to use more kitchen towels.

Yes, those ones your mother’s and relatives give you for Christmas.

I confess having a certain resistance to those cheese kitchen towels with designs of cupcakes and flowers . Nowadays, I just embraced the old school method of drying and cleaning surfaces at my kitchen. My mom is expert in finding the cheesiest ones. And I just love it!

Something that also “forced me” now to look for different models of kitchen towels. After all, who said kitchenware can’t be fun? I brought some wicked ones from my last trip to Brazil, when I have visited one of my favourite shops in São Paulo – El Cabriton. I love my cute Bowie designer and I also have a Home of Metal one.

2-Sparkling Water Maker

I know it will be a controversial one. But the fact is: I love sparkling water to the point that I just drink this. Weird, I know. Consequently, I have bought many bottles of sparkling water every time I visit a supermarket – something that I always embarrassed about it for reasons that I don’t need to explain.

Actually, this adverb below summarises how I used to feel about it

My dream was having a Sparkling Water Maker –Go on, judge me! – but it was bloody expensive until the day that Amazon decided to have a massive sale and I could have it with a Sodastream one for 74% discount. Yeah, the dream came true and I can have my fizzy water 24/7.

Bang! No more plastic bottles. It’s environmentally friendly, effective and practical.



3-Plastic-Free Fruits and Vegetables

You may be thinking: what? Yes, I know. It’s not difficult to find bulk vegetables and fruits. Agreed. The difficult task was avoiding buying the ones with plastic packaging.

Be honest, every time you visit your local supermarket, you end up looking at the cheaper food and most of these products are not loose.

What we usually do now is giving preference to the ones that are plastic-free and you just need to scam the bar-code sticker. It probably demands a better search for quality ones, but it worth it when you come back home with fewer recyclables.

4-Electric Toothbrush

I have started this year considering exterminate every plastic toothbrush from this house. They are just evil. So, I have started using compostable bamboo toothbrushes as you can check at my Zero waste Kit for Beginners. I like taking them on my travels.

But at home, I have decided to go for the electric option- which is also debatable in terms of being environmentally friendly. But at least, it will mean less landfill.

Besides, I have bought a kit that comes with two toothbrushes, 6 toothbrush handles, USB cable, and it’s battery-powered with 30 days life. They are going to last for a while. I guess it’s a good sign. Let me know what you think. I can be completely wrong on this idea.


4- Make Your Own Soap

I like organic soaps, and I usually buy Ekos by  Natura when I go to Brazil. They’re the best and the most quality ones because they’re made of natural Brazilian ingredients and 100% vegetable oils.

However, I got the taste of making my own soaps since last year, and it is a game-changing at home. All I need is 1 kilo of goat soap-based, some herbs and lavender from my auntie’s garden and essential oils.

Doing my own batch is also a relaxing exercise and I can always give it as a pressie to family and friends. And considering I had some compliments on my first batches, it will become a business someday. You heard!


5- Reusable Sanitary Pads

Here’s another thing that always bothered me, the sanitary towels. They are the ultimate Eco-unfriendly product you can have at home. I know it’s practical and modern life lead us to those choices.

But the truth is that clothe menstrual pads were a reality for most women in the past. I was part of this generation that someday needed to use them. That time it was improvised, of course.

Fortunately, we have plenty of sustainable choices today. From menstrual cups to period pants, to the reusable pads themselves.

I have chosen to test the clothe pads by Earthwise Girls some months ago and I couldn’t agree more with the choice. It’s easy to clean, comfortable and durable.

Featured Image | Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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