5 Simple Tips to Have a Fun and Eco-Friendly Holiday

5 Simple Tips to Have a Fun and Eco-Friendly Holiday (1)

Travelling is a lot more fun when you know that you are doing the least harm to the earth. Be it the summer vacation with your family, the most awaited trip with your best friends or the thrilling solo travels, it is now possible to make the most of your experiences.

These sustainable moves that you take while going on any vacation will not just help keep the place clean but also be your share of contribution towards a better world.

Let’s quickly jump on to some of the best ways to have a beautiful and Eco-friendly vacation.

The Vacation Spot

The first question that must come to mind is where you shall go on vacation. It wouldn’t be astonishing to say that the nearer the location, the better.

It is because it will save you from a long journey that will eat up tonnes of fuel and emit even more pollutants into the air.

Travelling to a local location will not just cut your expenses but will also save a lot of time that would have otherwise caused you tremendous stress as in-flight delays, or being careful about what you carry in your luggage. All you need to do is find a perfect spot for your holidays and enjoy the limitless beauty of the place without adding to any of the air emissions.

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The Transmit

Travelling in planes is no doubt, fancy and exciting. However, if you are planning for an Eco-friendly vacation, taking the flight is not a good idea.

The carbon emission of aeroplanes and helicopters is far more than road transports. So, a greener decision would be to make your transits via trains or buses.

Using public transportation as much as possible could cut down the pollutant level and would also help in interacting with the community of travellers. Thus, you can even encounter some like-minded people, and together you could go greener.


The Stay

Now it is time that you decide the place to go for a vacation. Choosing the best location for a sustainable holiday is quite essential. First and foremost, look for hotels or guest houses near to the places of interest.

It would mean that you’d have to travel a lot less to have fun and enjoyment each day. Going less would mean lesser emissions. Even if there are no other options than to cover a few miles, you can opt for public transport which carries people in bulk.

Some vehicles run on liquefied petroleum gas and emit the least air pollutants. Likewise, cars that run on solar energy or other renewable sources should be encouraged. Again, always switch off the lights, fans, air conditioners, television, geyser, etc. before leaving your room.

It would save energy and thus save the resources which they use up. We must also take care of our surroundings by not littering here and there.

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Eco-friendly Tourism

Different tourism offers to provide a full package of Eco-friendly vacations. They are often the community vacation team that promotes local travel more and give the tips and measures required for your trip to be a sustainable one.

Shop Green

We often tend to buy some stuff for the sake of remembrance of the place. These are the souvenir we carry back home. Shopping green implies not buying products made after destructing the earth.

It is better to bring some Eco-friendly stuff as a souvenir. Sometimes what happens is, we do a hell lot of shopping and returning with huge luggage becomes tremendously difficult. In that case, one can get a Tacoma roof rack and adjust all the belongings in the spacious rack that it is.

Meaning, even the idea of vacations brings excitement and enthusiasm. Being the current generation, we recognise our responsibility towards saving the planet for the current as well as for the future generation.

If vacations could be made more Eco-friendly and amazing at the same not, it would be a pride to go every once in a while.

Apart from the essential tips mentioned here, there is plenty of other stuff that your mind can come up with, to have a greener holiday. Instead of ordering disposable plastic bottles of water, you might carry a reusable bottle that can easily be refilled for use.

While commuting, in case you have to take a flight, look for the ones with the least or no halts in between because the take-off and the landings are the most power-consuming. It is often encouraged to pack light while travelling because heavier loads mean more emissions.

Always take a guide or follow the instructions at any site, seeing so as not to harm the flora and fauna of the place or disturb the beauty of the place.

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