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Types of Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is bought more often than beans. Nowadays there is no one without coffee in the morning. More recently, in the modern rhythm of life, the use of instant coffee suited everyone because it did not require lengthy preparation.

Now again there is a great demand for natural coffee, sold both in whole grains and in ground form, the aroma of which is incomparable with instant coffee. At Coffeelifious you can find more tips for ground coffee.

Ground coffee is bought more often than beans, despite the fact that the aroma of freshly ground coffee is certainly stronger.

The reason for this is mainly the lack of time or conditions for grinding the grains. For example, coffee powder is more convenient to use at work during a break than using a coffee grinder or coffee machine, which at work makes a noise.

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Different types of ground coffee and tips for choosing it

The tradition to drink coffee with water originated in hot eastern countries.
On sale is ground coffee, in which caffeine is almost absent.

A huge number of varieties of ground coffee powder, differing in taste subtleties, caused not only by tartness, the strength of bitterness, aroma, and sometimes added spices, are based on two types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta.

Occasionally a sort of Liberic is added to enhance the taste. High-quality ground coffee, which is expensive, can contain up to 100% Arabica. Basically, the package contains a mixture of arabica and robusta. The ratio may be different.

On the packaging, it is usually indicated what percentage of arabica and robusta is part of the powder.

Arabica has low caffeine content, but an exceptional soft flavour. If you like its taste and have problems with pressure and heart, then choose a package with ground coffee, which is dominated by arabica.

If you need to cheer up, it is better to drink coffee, where there is more robusta. Although he has a strong bitterness, his invigorating effect of him is much stronger than that of arabica.

On sale is ground coffee, in which caffeine is almost absent. It does not affect its taste, just caffeine is “weathered” by a special roasting of the grains. Naturally, to invigorate this coffee will not. The need for such a drink often arises in hypertensive patients.

Coffee along with a glass of water is a sign of decent quality and taste.
Natural coffee additives include cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla.

Now in the ground coffee often add various flavouring additives. When buying a package, pay attention to its quantity and naturalness. A large number of flavours will kill the aroma of the coffee, and artificial additives will not bring benefits, and may even be harmful.

Cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla are natural supplements.
If the packaging indicates: almonds, oranges, brandy, chocolate, coconut or other unusual ingredients, then these are definitely artificial flavours.

For the first time invented to flavour coffee drinks Arabs. They believed that the addition of healthy natural spices will reduce the harm from the use of strong drinks and diversify their taste. If you want to experiment, you can add cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, nutmeg, ginger or another useful natural ingredient to the drink.

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Ground coffee from Julius Meinl

Water cools the body warmed by hot coffee. Adhering to the Viennese traditions, Julius Meinl complies with the highest requirements for its product.

Great value when buying quality ground coffee is played by the manufacturer. It is better, of course, to acquire a product of a famous brand.

Such manufacturers produce guaranteed high-quality coffee, which has already been tested and loved by buyers. Among such well-known manufacturers, a worthy place is occupied by Julius Meinl.

Thanks to successfully organised high-tech production, coffee products produced here are in demand around the world. Ground coffee is produced by the company, we love many. It has a deep rich flavour, great aroma and a thick texture.

Adhering to the Viennese traditions, the company complies with the high requirements for its product:

• The presence of impurities that accidentally get into the ground powder is excluded;

• It is not allowed to mix high-quality coffee beans with beans of low quality;

• Cereal raw materials are supplied to companies from Central and South America, Colombia, Brazil and India, where the highest quality coffee grows;

• Before entering the roasting, any consignment of goods is thoroughly checked for compliance with the required quality and established standards;

• Increased requirements are also imposed on the equipment used for grinding and roasting grains. During the processing of grain, the essential oil is released.

If, after each treatment process, the equipment is not cleaned, and then added to the new product, the remaining oil can spoil the original composition of the taste and aroma of coffee. Buying ground coffee Julius Meinl, you can guarantee to rely on its high taste.

How to drink coffee

A daily cup of coffee has become a ritual in everyday life for many. In addition to the pleasant taste, due to the caffeine content, this drink fills us with vigour and energy.

Studies have shown that this drink improves memory, is important for the emotional state, helps prevent depression, and also reduces the risk of cancer and other diseases. Of course, excessive consumption of coffee leads to negative results. The main thing in everything is to know the measure and find a reasonable compromise in its use.

I propose to get acquainted with five tips on how and when to drink coffee correctly in order to get the maximum benefit.


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