Mixtape for Travellers #1 | 7 Holiday Destinations & Their Fine Music


I don’t know about you, but I’m powered by music. There isn’t one single day in my life that is not filled with music. It doesn’t matter when or how: radio, Deezer, computer, YouTube, or smartphone. I’m always listening to music.

I can relate my best memories in life with songs that stuck to my mind. Luckily, I have a husband that treats music with respect just like myself.

And since we met, some 15 years ago, we always challenged ourselves in the task of making playlists for practically everything – “road-trips, Saturday-night-ins and whatever-is-the-situation. It’s getting more and more tricky!

But the task this week is bringing some stunning countries and their extraordinary music to your headphones.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

1 – Galileo Galilei | Japan

As you may know, I am a big fan of Japanese culture. Everything about Japan is fascinating. From discipline to its cuisine to music. What to say about Japan?

We are totally sold to its pop-culture influence as well.

The colours and expressive story-lines of manga and anime, the beauty of the island-country portraited on Akira Kurosawa films, and the music, of course.

The country may not big a big one, but the Japanese music scene is huge. My choice here is Galileo Galilei – interesting name, to say the least.

The rock band formed in Hokkaido, in 2007, is a fine example of an oriental indie band. Unfortunately, the band doesn’t exist anymore, but some members embarked in a new adventure called Bird Bear Here and Fish – and I got equally good vibes from them.

Photo by Rafael Guimarães from Pexels

2- Gustavo Cerati | Argentina

 South America is well known for its mixing of rhymes, culture and stunning landscapes. It’s my territory. And I can definitely say our hermanos Argentines should not only be proud of their food, wine, and pampas.

Believe me, you can get more than tango when visiting Buenos Aires. he was one of the most important figures of rock and pop music in Argentina.

Together with its also iconic 80’s band Soda Stereo, Cerati left a massive legacy at Latin American music.

He died in 2014, and but still receives many homages from important musicians such as Bono and Coldplay. Cerati worked with Shakira. In Brazil, he was well-known and respected as well. You should have a look at his discography and discover how talent was this musician.


3- The Naked and The Famous | New Zealand

 A down-to-earth nation with numerous natural beauties to explore, New Zealand is on my top 5 of favourite destinations.

Our idea is travelling to this fascinating country, then renting a motor-home and explore the country’s most beautiful landscape, going maybe from Christchurch to Wellington, stopping everywhere we can admire.

I can dream about it. But one thing is certain- our soundtrack for this road trip will have The Naked and Famous songs. New Zealand has a wicked music scene. Who doesn’t remember the Crowded House? One of my favourites! If you don`t know them, it’s time to update your music references anyway.

Photo by Mauricio Artieda from Pexels

4- Tuna |  Israel

Visiting Israel is in on my bucket list for years. It must be a unique experience to be in a country with so much diversity and contrast. I’m aware of political and religious conflicts, of course.

But it’s just beautiful how Israeli people can bring together the best of its country. The gastronomic tours, the intriguing waters of the Red Sea and the country’s natural beauty are enough reason to visit it.

Music(wise), Israel is also a big surprise for me. I have been listening Tuna – well known and respected Rapper born in Petah Tikva for a while now, and I couldn`t be more excited about his music. I am in love with his album “This Too Shall Pass” You can find out more about Tuna and Israeli Hip hop here.

Photo by Sesinando from Pexels

 5-The Klipp | South Korea

 What would make you visit South Korea? Skyscrapers? Food? Its amazing beauty treatments & spas & that makes the country one of the best Wellness Travel Destinations in 2019? There are plenty of reasons to visit South Korea.

But if there is a country that knows how to spread its pop culture worldwide as well, it’s South Korea. You may be familiar to the K-pop, of course. But what do you know about the Korean Indie scene?

I knew nothing about it until I put The Klipp on my headphones. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to find much about the group on the Internet, but I leave the song Portland for you all appreciate it.

Photo by Shvets Anna from Pexels

6-The Raveonettes | Denmark

What to say about the happiest nation on Earth? If you have been to Denmark or you’re familiar with the famous Hygge way of life, you can say it better. Denmark is considered the happiest country in the world. Oh well, it looks like a great place to be true.

I was just checking a curious list of 22 unique things to do in Denmark, and it seems it’s also an eccentric country to visit. You can’t go wrong with eccentric and beauty!

If music brings happiness, Denmark is also a lace of great bands and artists. One of them, The Raveonettes, is not a new adding to my playlist. The Danish indie rock duo was popular over the world with its quite dark lyrics and shoegazing tunes. It`s all about 2000’s garage rock. And still works!

architecture-athens-building-164336 (1).jpg

7 – Marsheaux | Greece

We have a million reasons to admire Greece – from its history to the stunning landscapes and monuments to its many UNESCO World Heritage sites. There is so much to digest and experience there. Where to start with? The Acropolis and the streets of Plaka are must-see spots.

Crete, Rhodes and other historic islands put Greece in the map of most desired destinations to visit.

And as we could expect, art is also a fine Greek characteristic. My husband introduced me to this synth-pop female duo a couple of years ago, and when we brought Marsheaux back to our playlists this week, I couldn’t feel more nostalgic.

What a great adding to this post and any playlist. It’s great to know they are still going. They have that Ladytron (laid back) vibe that we all need now and then. Plus, their version of See you by Depeche Mode is just great!

Featured Image | Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

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