How to Improve Personality in Business Organisation

Great strategists who suffer from empathy; meticulous professionals who block in stress situations; highly creative workers with organisational problems; or employees who manage to improve the environment of a company but do not know how to manage conflicts.

Each person has particular characteristics, with their strengths and weaknesses.

However, it is possible to improve the personality without losing identity, there are a number of Ways To Develop Your Personality In Business Management and also there are many ideas to improve your administrative skills.

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Personality, the key to professional success

On the other hand, the personality traits of the participants, such as constancy or restlessness, did significantly influence the best personal and professional future results of the individuals.

These results are revealing and very positive because unlike the IC -which remains more or less stable throughout life-, the personality is easily alterable. In fact, we all know people who have changed their character due to certain circumstances.

What if we are the ones who try to mould our personality traits towards an improved version of ourselves?

Types of personalities

There are many classifications on the types of existing personalities, one of the most used in Organisational Psychology is the one that distinguishes between these four groups of characters:

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The leader

This subject focuses his work to obtain good results, for which he develops a great capacity for analysis and global vision, mental agility, and rapid decision making.

Instead, his need to achieve great goals makes him a very competitive, controlling, and even aggressive person, presenting a notable absence of empathy, collaborative spirit, and emotional intelligence.


Unlike the previous case, social personality tends to promote interpersonal connections and, therefore, has great communication skills and empathy.

It also promotes the development and growth of others, although it usually avoids conflicts and its decision-making is based on its intention to please the rest, being easily influenced.

Free spirit

He demands large doses of freedom and adventure, accompanied by high enthusiasm and creativity in all aspects of his life, which makes him quickly lose interest in monotonous tasks. It rejects norms and conventions, so it can be undisciplined and disorganised.



They love methodical and well-done work, showing a great capacity for planning, organisation, responsibility, and efficiency. Among its weaknesses are its difficulties to face unforeseen or changes, its rigidity, and its low propensity to leisure.

As we see, each type of personality has strengths and weaknesses and, in addition, individuals are not subject to a single model, but usually present one primary and one secondary.

5 steps to improve personality

Therefore, in order to improve the personality, it is not necessary to become another person, but it is convenient to analyse what are the features that characterise us, identify strengths and weaknesses and work to strengthen the former and minimise the latter.

Match motivation with our personality

Not all of us motivate ourselves in the same way or doing the same so that success in our goal to improve the personality will go through personalising the process based on our interests and needs. So, to improve the personality it is convenient to tune it with what motivates each one,”.

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Practice constantly

Likewise, once we have begun to master new skills or behaviors we must practice them every day without fail, since “repeated disciplines with persistence lead to great achievements obtained slowly over time.”

Start with the simple. It is vital that we set ourselves immediate and attainable goals, otherwise, we will end up discouraged by not achieving the ambitious goals.
Be patient Many people do not know how close they are to achieve significant achievements because they leave too soon.

Value the process

Let’s not turn this project to improve personality into a tedious obligation; If we learn to enjoy learning and to value in the present, through a ‘small victories’ approach, we will be able to take great steps tomorrow.

Nowadays there are a number of personal development courses and personality development classes were available online, through that you can learn more information about it.

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