The Latest Trends in Successful Airbnb Property Management

Airbnb rental is becoming an increasingly lucrative and competitive market, with over 80,000 property listings now popping up all around London. 

As a result, hosts are constantly attempting to find ways to stay ahead of the competition and make their property stand out from the crowd to potential guests.

The best means of ensuring that you maximise your revenue as a landlord through unlocking the potential of your home is through working with an Airbnb property management service. 

As the Airbnb property management market evolves, the best companies are constantly thinking of fresh and effective ways to offer the best service possible to attract guests and increase landlords’ percentage yields.

Keep reading to discover the latest trends in successful Airbnb property management for 2019.


Unlocking the Door to Success with Keyless Hosting

During a recent study, Airbnb property management specialists uncovered that almost 55% of guests and hosts would prefer keyless entry.

This study showed that both sides of the property rental procedure would ultimately feel more secure and confident about checking in anytime into holiday apartments.

In response to this need, Hostmaker has partnered with Klevio to provide an exciting new solution to customer needs.

Klevio has taken the property rental industry by storm through pioneering their smart intercom, which allows you to open doors from anywhere using your mobile phone. 

Klevio One works by connecting to an existing intercom system inside a home and is operated via an iOS or Android app.

This code can be restricted by both time and location, meaning that guests and hosts can both stay safe in the knowledge that they will only be allowed access to the premise for the pre-agreed time frame.

Short term lets and handovers is now a far more appealing and manageable prospect for Airbnb property hosts thanks to this latest technology.

This keyless hosting will ultimately mean that property letting will be safer, easier and less time consuming for both guests and hosts.


Premium Short Lets 

Landlords and property owners are increasingly beginning to wise up to the financial earning power of employing a flexible letting strategy comprised of mainly premium short lets.

The term short lets essentially refers to any kind of rental agreement that is under 6 months. Anything longer than this would be considered a long term rental agreement. 

The demand for premium short lets are actually on the rise, especially in London. This is due to London being such an in-demand location, as well as a popular tourist hub.

When entering into a premium short let agreement, it is usual for landlords to include things such as utilities, television and internet in the rent. Short term letting properties tend to come fully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen.

Short lets produce 30-50% higher revenues on average than long-term lets, allowing for landlords to capitalise on the benefits of high seasons whilst supporting the local economy.


Flexible Prices and Secure Income 

Offering the same price all year round may seem reasonable for those used to offering long term lettings, however, adapting your price to the demands of the present-day Airbnb property market is the best way to optimise profits. 

Hostmaker utilises advanced pricing algorithms which are tailored to your risk profile and property portfolio thanks to an advanced online customer dashboard.

The pricing formula will dynamically adjust the price on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to deliver the best possible RevPAR (total revenue per available room) and overall NOI (net operating income). 

With a wealth of experience in maximising property performance, financial turnover and guest experience, Hostmaker offers the rental solution you’re looking for.

Ultimately, through having your prices regularly reviewed and adjusted, you can receive an industry-leading 30% increase in revenue. Meaning you’re getting maximum profit, all year round. 

Hostmaker Are Here to Help

Depending on the service you require, there are many different Airbnb property management price packages available. Get in contact to discover how you can optimise your revenue with forward-thinking Airbnb property management. 

Featured Image | Photo by Julia Kuzenkov from Pexels

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