What Makes a Peli Storm Case Unique?

The brand Pelican Products is well known in the protective packaging industry; they are global manufacturers of military-grade protective cases. Peli offers a wide range of injection-moulded cases made of high performance, lightweight HPX resin.

One of their most popular product is the Storm case range.  Peli Storm cases offer impact resistance, and dust protection, are watertight to IP67 certification and provide extreme durability at low and high temperatures.

Peli are world remounted for their high-quality products and their unique features, making them an excellent choice in extreme and demanding conditions.

The notion of protective Storm cases has been around for a while, originally coined by Hardigg Industries before the company was acquired by Pelican Products in 2009.


What’s The Difference Between a Storm Case and a Regular Hard Case? 

A Storm Case from Peli is distinct from a regular Peli Case – so what makes the Storm Case so special?

  • Military-grade protection 
  • Drop, smash and shatter-resistant
  • Dust protection
  • Watertight

4 Benefits Of Peli Storm Cases

1. Press & Pull Latches for Ease & Security

The Storm case manufactured by Peli offers a unique locking system no other hard case provides. The latches open quickly and easily with a push of a button but remain securely closed under impact and pressure. This type of latch means that the case has a dustproof and watertight seal when closed, offering extra security and protection for the contents inside.

2. HPX High Impact Resin Case

The Peli Storm cases are manufactured using an injection mould process, making it stronger than any other case. The high-quality materials used to allow it to be both lightweight and extremely durable during all weather conditions.


3. Ergonomically Moulded Handled

These unique hard cases are designed with virtually unbreakable handles. Offering a different design to usual hard cases, these handles can fit a padlock through them adding an extra level of security.

4. Impact & Shock Designed

The Peli storm case is designed with science in mind. The shock protection design delivers enhanced protection against instances of drop, collision and physical impact. The rounded corners offer specialised shock protection that absorbs impact, making it better able to withstand the physical demands of travelling whilst also protecting against accidents.

PottertonPacs have been proud suppliers of Peli cases for over 20 years, offering high-quality products across a range of industries. See below a list of a few industries you could use your case in, the possibilities really are endless.

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