Best Car Cleansing Techniques Step by Step

I come from a country where the car wash is a hit and most people take their vehicles to have a complete clean service every 15 days. However, if you’re doing it by yourself, it’s better to follow some techniques that will save time and money when washing the car at home.

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Step One

It doesn’t matter how dirty is your vehicle, it will be always easier to wash it, firstly, putting together the necessary tools and products that you will need during the process.

It means some buckets that will be used to different products that will be applied to the vehicle, your favourite sponge that will be an adequate tool to clean your car, a quality foam cleanser, soaps for the wheels, etc.

Being organised is the first step of any task in life. It can also be applied when washing your car.

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Step Two

Avoid sharp objects for obvious reasons. The last thing you want is scratching your car. Another plus is wearing protective gloves when working on the engine.

It’s highly recommended not only for hygienic reasons but also because you will be dealing with cleaning products that can irritate your skin.

Some people prefer cleaning the car with a hose, but if you are opting you are opting for using a car cleaning sponge, make sure that it’s a quality one. The car washing sponges you get here

Foam rubber sponges can reach parts of the car that are usually difficult to clean, as well as, most of them are made of materials that won’t damage the painting.


Step Three

Saving time is the key point here! Another good tip is cleaning mats right after washing the wheels. Similar materials will need to use the same cleaning tools and products. Inside the cars is always a bit tricky task.

Hoovering inside and underneath the seats will be the best way to take all dust and dirty quicker. Finally, move to the glasses and use a micro-fabric towel to clean the outside and inside glasses.

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