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Raise your hands if you’re also a gadget aficionado? C’mon, every blogger is! It’s not just about being an enthusiast of techs in general, but it’s a matter of making your life easier as well.

One of the gadgets that are indispensable for me is a USB drive. I know that we rely on the cloud to save files nowadays, but it’s not every time that Internet is available.


A memory stick is still one of the most practical ways of carrying your documents and photos around; especially when you are travelling and need to handle your files quickly and safely.

Not to mention that if you decide to personalise a USB drive, it will certainly work as a quite effective promotional merchandise as well. For me, it’s kind of a portable business card and a clever way of presenting you’re your brand.

That’s the reason I was up to review this personalised USB Drive by USB Makers to add Midlands Traveller logo to one of the products and check if my brand can also stands out.


How does it work?

USB Makers is a global supplier of USB memory stick with over 70 styles to choose from. Besides the memory sticks, they also offer power banks and other personalised services such as packaging.

Using USB Makers to personalise your item is quite straight forward. There are several options to choose in the website. From USB wristbands to glass bottles. No excuse to not being creative when choosing your favourite style.

instructions_usb makers.jpg

I have chosen the wooden block drive, which has a natural and Eco-friendly style and it looks durable as well. It comes in a 50 minimum order quantity. But I just received 10 for testing purposes.

instructions usb makers 2.jpg

Next step is choosing colours, memory capacity and uploading your logo or sending them your artwork. Plus, it’s also available packing options, delivery dates and other helpful features for your business.

How is the product?

So far, so good. I received 10 memory sticks to be tested in a super-fast delivery. My website’s logo was perfectly placed and engraved in the wood, leaving a smooth finish to it that out stands the product.


I like the material as well. It’s durable and I believe it is made of bamboo material. I hope it is! First impression is of a minimalist and stylish product. Exactly the way I expected it.

My USB drives have 8GB capacity each, and the first items transferred to them were videos. A good way of testing its transfer speed. I was quite impressed. It has a high-speed transfer and it has great functionality as well.


And what a such brilliant and simple idea is having a USB cap that holds securely by small magnets. I never will lose this cap!

Overall, I love this product so far. It looks so professional and functional and I would recommend businesses to add this to their promotional merchandise pack.


I received this product complimentary from USB Makers for testing purposes. 

Simone Ribeiro
Hi! I'm Simone, a citizen of Britain, where I live for over a decade, and of Brazil, where I was born. Midlands Traveller is where I combine my passion for travelling, business and an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

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