5 Periodic Check-Ups to Improve Your Health

I do confess that I just go for regular check-ups when needed, and it’s not right. No one should wait for having a major health problem to consult the doctors. Sometimes, those periodic exams can save lives. So, here is a basic list of tests that we all should ask for regularly:

Screening tests – I’m guilty here to say I sometimes just wait for those famous GP’s letters to come through my letterbox to remember it’s time to book hose important tests that every woman should do.

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These are staple ones. But you should also consider going a bit deeper and check what is going inside your body. Taking control of your own health before it’s needed!

Finger-Prick Blood Test – Whether you need to track your thyroid function or improve sleeping, there is always a personalised test to be done even online nowadays. No excuses!

Since I started on a Low-Carb diet for nearly five months now, I am considering checking out my weight management.

Ear Wax Removal – I know we just think about this kind of test when there is a sign of earache, but the truth is that ear wax removal is a highly recommended to be done annually if it’s necessary. My husband has needed this for a couple of years now, and he says it’s the only effective way of dealing with the problem.

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There are two distinct types of earwax – the dry type and the wet type and having your earwax removed has the major roles of cleaning, guarding against bacteria and lubrication. Consult an Ear specialist to check what kind of earwax should you go for.

Eyes Test – I had my eyes test done last year and my check-up should be done sometime in the next months. That time, I was told that I need to wear glasses only for reading purposes. I did mine with Specsavers and I thought it was effective.

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Cardiovascular Endurance Test– I have battle with weight loss for nearly 30 years now and I know how painful it is sometimes to keep up with my exercises and physical activities without feeling extremely tired sometimes. The also called stress testing can evaluate how efficient are my heart and lungs when supplying energy and oxygen to my body during physical activities.

You have three types of tests to go for: 12-minute run tests; Vo2 Max testing and Exercise Stress Testing.

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