Travelling on a Budget? Here’s How to Spend Less

When travelling away from home not everyone can afford first-class luxury and the best of everything. And even if you have the money to splash, it pays to be prudent so you get the most from your spend. For anyone planning on travelling on a budget, here’s how to spend less when you next go away.

Plan ahead

Mapping out exactly what you are going to do may not seem like fun, but it can ensure you still have a great holiday without spending a fortune. It doesn’t have to be in exact detail by the hour, as that would kill any fun, but set out a budget of how long you’ll be spending in each place and a maximum spend limit. This will stop you spending money unexpectedly so you don’t run out halfway through.

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Finding the cash

Whether you are travelling abroad or somewhere in the UK, you’ll need to find the money from somewhere for you to enjoy the holiday. If you are struggling to find the cash, you could always consider one of the many short-term loans that are currently available. Always be sure you can repay the loan in full before you commit, get a good interest rate and ensure the company is FCA registered.

Go out of season

There are peak and off-season holiday periods, and travelling during the latter will help you save some money. Go just before or after the peak summer and winter periods and you’ll get some great discounts from travel companies. Airlines and hotels generally charge less too, so you should also have more spare cash to enjoy yourself as you explore the local area.


Pack everything you need

Another part of planning your trip is packing the right items of clothing so you aren’t forced to spend more money away from home. This means checking the weather for the location you are travelling to, as well as taking a hoodie, jacket and pair of jeans with you, so you don’t have to go shopping if the weather suddenly turns wet and cold.

Book flights in advance

Many airlines release their flight seats 12 months in advance of the departure date. This means the earlier you book, the cheaper the seat is likely to be. It also means the closer to the flight date you book, the more expensive it will be. Flights are generally one of the most expensive parts of any holiday abroad, so if you can save money where it can really make a difference to your budget.

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Eat smart

One of the best things about any holiday is the chance to try the local cuisine. However, eating at local restaurants every day quickly adds up, so try to buy food at local shops and supermarkets to balance things out. If you are staying at a hostel for your holiday, you should have access to the kitchen there too, so you can cook for a few days and save big on eating out.

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