Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

Travelling independently as a woman was once frowned upon and considered to be much too dangerous. Today, women travel alone all of the time, whether it’s just to the next town, the next state, or thousands of miles away.

While there is no stigma on women going on vacation alone, it’s still considered to be more dangerous for women than it is for men.

There are also quite a few lists out there that you should research when travelling alone that will tell you in detail what countries are unsafe for women to be in by themselves.

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Of course, no woman should let that stop them from being a world traveller if they so choose. Below, you can find a few safety tips you need to know and follow so that your travels are safe, fun, and don’t end badly.

Research Your Destination and Hotel Completely

Before you even depart for your destination, you need to research it completely. Find out what type of crime rate the place has, and whether women are targets.

It’s also important to check out any hotels you’re going to be staying in on your journey for the same things. Make sure to book your room at a safe place, such as resorts in Carlsbad if you are heading to California, for example, just to be on the safe side.

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Always Trust Your Own Gut

Your mother always told you to trust your gut, and that is never more true than when you’re travelling alone.

If something doesn’t feel quite right about a situation, or someone seems just slightly weird, it’s best to get away from that situation or that person right away. Politeness has its place, and of course, your mom taught you to always be polite, but when it comes to your safety, politeness goes out the window.

If it feels off or wrong, just don’t do it and leave right away.

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Always Let Someone Know Your Plans

If you’re heading out for a day of sightseeing or even just shopping and going out to lunch to sample some of the local cuisine, you need to tell someone your plans. Jot down where you’re going, when you’re leaving, and when you can be expected back.

Give it to someone at the hotel you’re staying at if you can trust anyone. Another option is to jot down the same information on a pad and leave it somewhere in your room.

In this way, if you don’t come back, it will be found and someone will know where to begin searching for you.

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Travel With a Friend

While travelling alone can be fun and adventurous, there are many reasons that traveling with a friend can be a blast, and it works to keep you both a little safer at the same time. If you have a friend that loves to travel as much as you do, why not take the journey together?

Be Aware and Alert

While you certainly want to let down your hair and relax on your vacation, it’s important to always be alert and aware of your surroundings and anything that could be a threat.

Be present and take note of the things around you, so that if anything looks out of place, you can make a hasty exit, and get to safety.

Travelling is something that many women love to do, and wanderlust is a powerful thing. However, while you’re having fun, it’s important to watch out for your own well-being and stay out of danger as well.

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