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It’s a statement that I do love wood flooring. It’s stylish and easy to clean. Yes, if you have a fluffy pet cat, you will understand me.

The truth is that now we’re searching for a house to buy next year, the preference will be looking for as much as possible wood-floored home.

Besides, it’s the best Eco-friendly floor material we can come across in the market. Going further on my research, I found out that a engineered wood flooring is more environmentally-friendly than a  traditional hardwood one.

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It normally needs less energy to be produced, and we have the guarantee that new trees will be always be planted to replace the ones used supporting the reforestation.

It’s good to remember that there are several types of engineered wood flooring but I would love to focus on my favourite ones: oak and walnut. They are made of natural wood made from the layers of timbers with a top layer of real wood; which makes it a more durable type of floor.

They are also more heat resistant than the solid wood ones and perfect to use in rooms and an ambient that face changes in the temperature such as conservatories, etc.

These are enough reasons to choose wood flooring or not? Of course, it’s. So, here’s some types of engineered wood flooring to inspire your next home project.


A classic! Oak is timeless and one of most popular types of wood. With the right finishing and colour, it can make the room stands out. I love its natural beauty and its aspect of real wood. It’s suitable for all types of rooms and you can go from the contemporary to a more rustic look.

I particularly love the smoked type of oak that seems easier to clean and give a more laid-back vibe to your room.

Photo by Arleen wiese on Unsplash


Walnut is the type of flooring that I imagine to be perfect for my kitchen. Its rustic look brings attention of anyone in the room. Have you heard of the Brazil Walnut flooring? That’s the kind of durable and unique patterns that makes your room stands out.

Its distinct knots add an unique beauty to the ambient that reminds me countryside. You can’t go wrong with some rustic style.

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash


It’s a very popular match in Europe. You probably already checked this kind of wood flooring at somebody else’s home. It’s bright and fits perfectly in a living room or kids’ bedrooms, for example.

You may have notice it, but beech is also popular in furniture, but it doesn`t mean that it can`t be a good fit for your floor as well. As engineered wood floor, beech can be as quality as the other options.

The downside of this type of wood floor is the fact that over time it will be darker and enhance the colour.

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Photo by Stefania C on Unsplash

African Teak (Iroko)

That one reminds me old the type of flooring that I used to see at my relative homes 20 years ago. I may be wrong, but the African Teak is considered a premium floor. Its opulent and intense look can be a perfect match for fitting more minimalist environments.

To be honest, I was in love straight away with this kind of engineering wood floor as soon as I researched some home decor. It’s elegant, modern and vibrant. Maybe my grandmother was ahead of her time in her home decor style and I didn`t know it.

Featured Image | Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash

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