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Music, my friend, is such a beautiful thing. It inspires me shaped me in what I am now: a music snob. Kidding.

I would say that I have not shame to say that I’m a quite annoying music aficionado. It’s true.And I would take my playlists more seriously than anything else task that is given to me. The fact is that I treat music like religion, so the tools that makes me reach it.


A quick PSA – publish service announce – here before starting my review. If I were you, I would google this brand way starting before reading the next paragraph.

I guarantee they will surprise you. Like they surprised me in the first contact I had with them.

And I’m not going to lie; this is probably is one of the best products I had the opportunity to review here.


So, now that you know you’re going to read a lot of great things about this Sudio. Be prepared to know a bit more about a high-quality wireless earbud.

What is Sudio?

Their story is fascinating indeed. A brand that takes inspiration from the iconic Swedish music and the clean and elegant Scandinavian design – which I am a big fan of myself.

The name Sudio is a combination of Swedish + Audio. They provide products with exceptional sound quality that any music enthusiast would dream about.


Besides, their ethos follows the path of Sweden as a country that leads the world in environmental sustainability. Always trying to find a better way of improving environmental impact.

“We can proudly say that our “Regent” model is vegan and that we use PU, artificial leather for several of our other products.


We also ship our products from our factories to each respective warehouse by boat to reduce the number of fossil fuels used during transportation. In these ways, we aim to reduce the amount of waste used in production.”

You can’t go wrong with those thoughts, right?


Sudio Tolv – design, packaging, and quality   

So, here I was a couple of weeks ago, opening my first Sudio wireless earbuds. I have to highlight I always chosen headphones and it was the first time as well I would get earbuds myself.


Sudio has a collection of fancy earphones that fits anybody’s taste, I have chosen the blue Tolv model ( £99) to introduce here for you.


Features a graphene driver for enhanced sound clarity
– Automatic pairing between earbuds and device
– Features a microphone on both earbuds
– Features a single, multipurpose button on each earbud to control music/phone calls
– Weighs 4.5 grams per earbud


As you can see, I have picked the blue model, but there are 5 colour options in total (white, green, black, and white as well).

Okay. Unboxing Time!


Packaging – It was delivered quite quickly via special delivery and it came in fancy packaging with the logo of the brand on it. Together with the Tolv wireless earbuds and its charging case, there are a manual, guarantee certificate, USB cable replaceable ear tips.


I quite like the way it’s presented. The box is minimalist and compact. You can check all information necessary about the product in the box. At the same time, it keeps the wireless earbuds and its accessories well organised.

Design – The charging case is elegant and made with a quality soft plastic material. I wish I had gone for a darker colour because I would keep it cleaner.


Compared to other famous earbuds in the market, this box is quite tiny, but at the same time, it’s perfect to carry with you in the pocket. These can also be the best wireless earbuds during gaming.

The charging box has a micro USB porter in the back and inside it, there is a magnetic contact point that keeps your earbuds safe.


The size and the shape of these earbuds is a plus. I love its design that sits comfortably on your ears, keeping they safely placed as well.

Something that is quite important when you wear them for training, (maybe) running or even just moving around a bit further. They will not pop out easily.

I have used them at planes and trains on my holiday and felt safe. It was a perfect company for long journeys I public transport too.


Together with my Sudio Tolv, I have received a stylish wallet that is a perfect bonus gadget for travellers. Thanks for the elegant touch!


Quality – These earbuds are fancy. I like the material it’s made and its plastic material (that I would love to research a bit more about it) has a soft texture that is pleasant to touch. It’s definitely a not cheap product.


The battery life is another bonus. It last up to 35 hours in a single charge. I will be honest with you. I had not charged it properly when I first used it, so I need ed extra charge in a short time.


You can extend your warranty from 3 to 18 months when you register your product online. It also has Bluetooth 5. – which means you can use one earbud at a time, and also make phone calls quickly as well. Love it.


Pairing the earbuds is super easy. Once you press the bottom, it connects straight away.

You control the volume via smartphone, not in the appliance itself. But I guess it’s a plus because it avoids accidentally pressing buttons that will keep the volume down or high.

Right, I guess that I gave you a big perspective of what you should expect from this product.

sudio 5.jpg

What is my experience so far?

I love my Sudio Tolv. And to be honest, I`m already flirting with the green dark model too -which is stunning, by the way. So, I probably will purchase it in the future. It’s elegant, minimalist, elegant and practical.

sudio 3.jpg

The earbuds have a beautiful design and style, and the extra ear tips in different sizes are a quite nice touch from the brand, since people has different sizes of ears.

It’s easy to be pairing, and the quality of the sound is also something to highlight. It’s clear, sharp and louder. You don’t need to crack up the volume to listen to music or talk on the phone.

As most of Scandinavian products, you can imagine it’s outstanding and elegant. Just the way expects a fancy wireless earbud should look like.

sudio 1.jpg

It’s a perfect match to listen to podcasts as well. The base lines are clear and quality

Overall, it’s a high-quality product that I would recommend to anyone that like me, treat music with respect. They’re not a perfect headphone. But it’s a high-quality product that won’t disappoint you.

I received this product complimentary from Sudio for testing purposes. 

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