5 Weird Travel Gadgets from Wish.com

You probably checked thousands of “must-have travel gadgets” posts before. I’m completely guilty on this one.

I’m also guilty of procrastinating too much. I can spend hours browsing on sites, just for the sake of it. It’s in our nature. I’m sorry. But thank goodness, it doesn’t mean we need to buy anything.

We actually should work on spending less skills. There is too much rubbish in the planet already. Even so, one of my favourite address to procrastinate is wish.com. You may have heard about it. It’s a Chinese website where you can find practically everything in a quite affordable price.

I tell you what, some of the stuff they sell can be a bit controversial and most of them are pieces of tat that you certainly won’t need in this or next life!

The truth is we don’t need more junk and the best thing to do is educating ourselves about why do we have so much stuff already.

One proof of this is browsing a few minutes for new travel gadgets on wish.com. The truth is that you can find all types of affordable gadgets on websites like this. From the useful ones to completely nonsense ones.

But I was shocked to see that the concept of piece of tat has been taken to another level there. Have a look at these, said, travel gadgets.

belly funny.jpg
Image from wish.com

 Dad Bag Unisex Men/Women fashion Belly Bumbag

That’s exactly what you read. And as you can see in the photo, it’s not the most attractive product you would want to carry on your holidays.

I can imagine some blokes on his 40’s trying to impress the family abroad with this stuff. Believe me, it’s not funny. Your teenage kids will probably hate you for the rest of your life for ruining their first trip to Mallorca.

However, this seems to be a very popular product of the website. Here’s one of the customer’s review: “So much fun. My son will love it.”. Are you serious?

foot piloow.jpg
Image from wish.com

Footrest Leg Pillow

I agree with you. This may be a controversial one. Is it effective? I will never know because I won’t purchase one. But the truth is we already carry so much stuff around when travelling. I just can`t imagine having a gadget in form of hammock with me in the flight.

One of the descriptions of the product says it’s easy to Use: Hook the string part of the footrest to the table and snap the buckle. Then stretch out your foot and swing it. Lengthening your feet, float your legs, swing your legs to relieve fatigue.

You will be a winner if have space to swing anything like this on economic class. But should we have a try?

It isn`t going to happen. Let’s be honest. Some of the reviews says it looks fantastic but they didn’t try yet.

travel neck pillow.jpg
Image wish.com


Travel Neck Hooded Pillow Cushion

Here we go again with another pillow. This time, something to actually put your head-on. I will confess that I like this product. If there are two things that I hate most in a flight is noise and lights on. It doesn’t matter if the flight is day or night, I need the darkness, someone please switch the lights. Thanks Arcade Fire!

I can`t sleep in flights anyway, but if I do, I need to be in the dark and I will be honest, a travel hooded pillow sounds cool. I’m just not sure if wearing a hood top would solve the problem itself.

According to a happy customer: My sister loved it; it was for her (66) Birthday. And well done to your sister that keeps travelling around on her middle 60’s.

frog eye mask 2
Image wish.com

Travel Sleep Eye Mask 3D Sad Frog Padded

A 3d sad frog eye mask seems to be an item every children and teenagers should go for. Where this 3D comes from, by the way? Having fun is part of the travel journey. After all, sometimes we spend so much time in the air that it’s impossible to avoid the boredom.

Now? Is it the best eye mask option in the market? Certainly not. Besides, look at this review: “Cute and comfy. Only one thing, makes you sweat”. Excuse me, I don`t want to sweat in flights. I think a black patterned written “do not disturb” on it is enough. Remember, less is more!

wristband phone wallet.jpg
Image wish.com

Wristband Phone Wallet Safety Travel Pouch

Wtf? That must be a joke. Who on earth would walk around with this thing? A lot of folks, according to wish, there are a lot of happy customers with this purchase.

Take a look: “So cool. Can’t wait to use it at the theme parks this summer Update: used this for 7 days at Disney and it was awesome, no worry of a purse, held my phone, money and park passes safely. I used the zipper side for the money and passes and the flap side to easily get to my phone for all the pix. After all of that, it’s washed and ready for next time, still in great shape even after so much use. Awesome product.”

Wow! What did I miss here? Is it just me or there is no chance at all of walking around this anywhere? This is dreadful, mate. Another unnecessary piece of plastic to carry around! Let’s be honest.

Featured Image |Photo by Caroline Selfors on Unsplash

Have you ever came across to a weird travel gadget before? Tell me in the comments what ‘s your favourite one, by the way. 

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