NEUÙ Seaweed Skincare for Men | My husband’s Review + Giveaway

The beauty and cosmetics industry are still dominated by products for women. It’s a fact. We’re daily surprised by innovative skincare lines, and new beauty regimes for different types of skin, budgets and tastes.

The choices are endless. 2019 trends are more inclusive, diverse and environmentally friendly too- something that is always great!

The truth is that men’s beauty market is taking off discreetly and powerfully and the brands are getting more sophisticated and environmentally friendly as well – which is always great!

What is NEUÙ?


NEUÙ is a successful skincare for men brand from Ireland that have just created a range of products called Lipid Lock – with 7 products made with the fatty acid extracted from seaweed, with proven restorative, anti-inflammatory and moisture retention properties.

I have received four products of their Seaweed range to be tested – 1 NEUÙ  Seaweed Skincare for men luxury face wash, a face scrub, a body and hair wash and the luxury moisturiser.

Face Wash – Maintains moisture levels while balancing oiliness and removing impurities.

Face Scrub – Brightens, stimulates, regenerates and nourishes.

Hair and Body Wash – Wash away impurities while maintaining natural balance.

Moisturiser – A special airless pump ensures nutrients are fresh when they go to work soothing, hydrating and restoring elasticity.


All these products were reviewed by my husband, Rob Dann, of course. A very lucky boy that, believe or not, never had a skincare routine in his life. I know.

I wonder what he thought of having such a luxury skincare treatment by NEUÙ in one goal!

How was my husband’s experience so far?

As a skincare routine was something new for him, I made things easier preparing a couple of questions about the whole experience. I also wanted to test him a bit in the men’s skincare issue. 😉

1- What is your daily routine?

I’m pretty much a soap and water person and had never really thought too much about additional products before trying NEUÙ range.

face scrub_okay.jpg

2- In your opinion, can men and woman use the same products? Why?

Apart shaving products or ones with a particular scent, I don’t see any reason why certain products can`t be shared (it would cut down on bathroom clutter) thought I’m obviously no expert.

3- What is your favourite NEUÙ product so far? Why?

I was surprised to discover that it was the face scrub, which is something I would never have considered using before. I like the fact that you can use it just a couple of times a week and as I’m someone who’s not too good at following routines, it’s perfect for me.

 I know the result of using skincare products is long term but – even though I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks – I feel better for using equally with the face wash, find it instantly energising.

hair and body_okay.jpg

4-What NEUÙ Seaweed product you found difficult to add to your daily skincare routine? Why?

The moisturiser! Nothing to do with the product, it’s just remembering to apply it at the times that I’m most forgetful; first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

5-What did you learn from this experience using NEUÙ products?

 I work in a refrigerated warehouse and my face is subjected to many extreme temperatures so maybe, as I get older, I need to realise that just soap and water is not enough.

I’m eating much healthier than I did 10 years ago, and I probably need to apply this logic to the upkeep of my appearance too. Moisturiser aside- I will eventually adapt it into m daily pattern – these products have become part of my daily/weekly routine.


6-What is the beauty/skincare product that would you skip in your routine? Why?

Out of the four I’ve tried (face wash, face scrub, hair and body wash and moisturiser) it would probably be the moisturiser because it’s the product I used least.

With a bit more organisation on my part though, it’s something I would like to continue using.

Concerning all of the NEUÙ’s skincare products it would be the shave gel and the post-shave balm. Again, nothing against the products: I’m just lazy when it comes to shaving and just use clippers.


Conclusion: Overall, I guess he enjoyed his first luxury skincare experience with NEUÙ. And no baby, as much as I like the idea of reducing clutter in the bathroom, we definitely can`t use the same skincare products.

However, I have to say I love the NEUÙ’s Seaweed moisturiser fragrance. It’s subtle and I do hope he can add this amazing product to his skincare routine.

Giveaway Time!

Now it’s your chance to win both the Luxury Face Wash and Moisturiser by NEUÙ range of Seaweed skincare! All you need to do is joining the Gleam competition above. Good Luck!

NEUÙ Giveaway #5

Terms and Conditions

  • The closing date is 31st of October 2019.
  • There is one (1) prize. The winner will take the products as described above. No cash alternative!
  • Follow the rules to win the prize.
  • This competition is open to residents of the UK only
  • All entries will be verified.
  • The winners will be chosen at random using the widget
  • The winners will be notified and contacted by the brand once the giveaway is finished.

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