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I confess that I’m that person constantly reminded “it’s sparkling, not still” before buying trying to buy water at shops. People automatically assume I’m making a mistake. But I tell you what, people- I love sparkling water, and I usually prefer to drink them.

Consequently, I’m also the one who used to feel guilty all the time I used to numerous plastic bottles of (sparkling) water. We all know how mass production of plastic in general is destructive to the planet, and it can’t be accepted anymore.


Imagine my happiness when I was invited  to review a SodaStream SpiritSparkling water makerNo more plastic bottles, I would have my own sparkling water now, and I was  officially declaring “the end of a single-use plastic era at home!” Just brilliant!

What is SodaStream?   

You may be aware that SodaStream is a UK company best known as the maker of Soda Stream machines – the devices that allow to us produce home carbonated water and drinks.

It has been in the market for quite long time now (since 1903 to be more precise), the brand gained a lot of popularity in 70’s and 80’s, and nowadays SodaStream is sold in many other countries.


Is SodaStream Eco-friendly?

Yes, totally. For me, what makes SodaStream unique is its environmental commitment with several projects such as waste reduction, reforestation and of course, the fact the Co2 canisters can be recycled as well. That’s great. After all who doesn’t love the idea of contributing to a world without waste, anyways?

On its website you can also find cylinder refills, flavour drops to make soda and give a bit of twist to your sparkling water, besides several other accessories such as brushes and reusable bottles as well.

SodaStream Spirit

My sparkling water maker arrived in a package also containing a SodaStream 60L CO2 cylinder, a reusable carbonating bottle and manual of instructions that is quite useful, considering that you have to assemble the device and follow the safest way of placing your C02 cylinder too.


How does it work?

It’s probably the easiest gadget I have ever tried to be honest. It’s quite straight forward to assemble it.


Step 1 – assemble the machine parts and remove the back of your SodaStream. Then, you need to remove the seal and open your CO2 canister. Place the carbonating cylinder and screw it in ( as tight as possible) and replace the back on the machine again.

Step 2 – Your SodaStream is ready to fizz! Now you need to fill your reusable bottle with chilled water, angle the support handle outwards and place the bottle on it until you feel it’s locked. Push down the button 3 times for a light fizz or 5 times for a stronger fizz. Angle it outwards and it’s ready to be consumed.


There are thousands of videos tutorials on YouTube, anyway. But I thought the process quite straight forward. No secrets!

How was my experience so far?

I’m quite pleased with my SodaStream Spirit. As I mentioned before, I have cut my use of one-single plastic bottles, and I am drinking more water now as well. The machine is light, easy to clean and it can be carried with me if necessary. It’s sleek and doesn’t take too much space on my kitchen.


I can imagine taking it with me when travelling for a long period, for example. And the idea of refilling the canisters and recycling the bottles at places like Argos, for example, makes this product a great value for money and a waste-free gadget.


I didn’t buy any of the flavoured soda yet, but I have used fresh lemon juice to make my own flavoured sparkling water. It doesn’t require batteries or electricity. A healthier way of drinking soda and Eco-friendly alternative of making water machine, for sure.

I’m in love with my SodaStream and you can also have yours. Check their website out and social media now!

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I received this product complimentary from SodaStream for testing purposes. 

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  1. Perfect for my kids instead of buying pop all the time

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