Best Eco-friendly Natural Cleaning Solutions

As you may have noticed, I am going down the Eco-friendly rout for quite a long time now. And I’m trying new alternatives for a zero-waste lifestyle. I have switched my toiletries for more sustainable tool and I do want to go-greener on households too.

The challenge is keeping as basic as possible and find Eco-friendly cleaning products that are not only cheaper, but less toxic and not harmful to the environment. Besides, I have a cheeky pet cat and I’m always concerned about his safety as well. Pets and cleaning products aren’t usually a good match.

Fortunately, there are several eco-friendly cleaners out there to make this task uncomplicated. The options are infinitive and avoiding cleaning products with chemicals-reactive is always a better alternative.

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Another option is going for a more natural methods and ingredients to clean our house. Homemade ingredients are fabulous, affordable, and just great to protect our ingredients of making more pollution. Just exactly like our grandparents used to teach us in the past.

It’s not only sustainable. You will save lots of money when focusing on the essential products you need. If a bit of creativity and patience, you can have the best recipes of cleaning solutions. So, let’s get started!

Bicarbonate of Soda – It’s not a joke. Every time I search “natural ways of getting rid of stains, it comes as the first match on google. Bicarbonate soda is a key-product and I have used it even to unclog the drain in my bathtub.

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White Vinegar – So, versatile especially in the winter when we have mould at home. It smells, you know, vinegary. But you can sort it out adding a bit of your favourite essential oil to it. You can prepare an all-purpose cleaner with this ingredient and make your house look spotless for less.

Lemon juice – You must have heard that lemons are the best natural cleaners. It combined with a few drops of white vinegar you can also make the best natural solution to clean your windows.

Coconut Oil – You must know how versatile coconut oil is – we can use it on skin, hair, prepare healthier food, and guess what? It’s a natural cleaner as well. I always add coconut oil to my recipes of organic soaps.

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Salt –Who would say that all-natural salt you have in the kitchen can be a key ingredient to make a solution that will keep your oven spotless. All you need to do is combining salt to bicarbonate of soda and water.

Check these other amazing cleaning hacks and recipes: 

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