Electric cars vs petrol cars – What’s the best vehicle for your needs?

I have to confess that electric cars have intrigued me day by day. They look more economic, practical and easier to deal with when talking about replacing parts and all shenanigans that petrol and diesel models demand.

With the popularity of electric cars in the last years, I would if would them take over petrol models in the nearly future?

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Is the future electric?

When we used to think about electric cars, it used to mean a distant future. We are wrong. Electric cars come from a distant past when it was already a good option of vehicle.

They have lost their popularity for petrol and diesel ones. But they are becoming more powerful nowadays, and the improvement in batteries technology made them come back for good! They have the tools to make it  better, and the hybrid and more powerful electric cars are already on the road.

The electric ones are becoming more and more popular because of the reasonable costs to keep it as well. But it’s a fact that it’s going to take a while to have a big transition from petrol models to hybrid ones.

And with petrol prices increasing, it’s a good option in the market for being cheaper to run. Besides, these cars could be environment-friendly alternative to petrol and diesel automobiles. With no doubts, petrol is the worst option for keeping this planet health and protect.

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But how green are electric cars?

“Multiple studies have found that electric cars are more efficient, and therefore responsible for less greenhouse gas and other emissions that cars solely by internal combustion engines.”

However, the prices of hybrid cars can be a bit salty. They cost more. But It’s always recommended to look for a car leasing companies such as Bridle Vehicle Leasing that can provide you better deals lease of cars on financial agreements.

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Why we still keep petrol cars on the road?

I confess I’d be tempted to invest on car powered by electricity in a near future. But we can’t deny that petrol-fuelled models are cheaper, and well-established in the market.

Plus, it’s likely that people will still prefer this kind of vehicle especially because it’s easier to find a petrol station than a charging point yet.

However, there are some controversial points to be discussed about the production of both, electric and petrol-fuelled cars. Some scientific studies have proven that manufacturing electric ones can emits more emissions than manufacturing diesel and petrol ones.

The recycling life of batteries in electric cars is also another problem to be addressed. They are huge and difficult to be recycled. There are studies to make it more efficient and environmental-friendly though.

As you can see, the pros and cons are numerous when talking about both models. I still think that we should go for the Eco-friendly option first and hope that electric cars become more affordable and efficient in the near future.

*This is a collaborative post.

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