Why is it Important to Keep Data Governance practices updated?

A quick browse on google can give you a better idea of how effective data governance is effective for your business.

But to understand data governance is needed to check the definition of data itself – it’s defined as the facts, figures and information stored and used on a computer. They are individual units of information that can be measured, collected, reported and analysed using graphics, images and other tools.

For this definition, we can all have the perspective of how important is to protect your business data privacy. It requires measures and straight forward practices that may be implemented by a tech-savvy in your personal computer or, on a large scale, it can be secured by a team of experts in your business, for example.

But what is data governance though? From its thousand definitions found online, I liked the Nicolas Aksham’s one better – “data governance is a program that improve the management and quality of your data.” It’s simple as that, isn’t it?

In fact, it requires a combination of framework that involves people, processes and technology working all together to assure the usual management of data asset. It also works as a bridge between business and IT when taking decisions.

It’s important to remember, data governance is different of data management.

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What data governance should do for your company? It certainly will help improving productivity and efficiency of your business. Every company needs to plan how to organise their data, as well as it’s important to manage digital rights and permissions.

It increases the value of your company and also helps to improve the performance of your business. Besides, a data governance platform will assure that rules established to manage your data will be followed.

Considering it’s one of the best strategic practices for global organisations in 2019, data governance is not only seeming as only a trend, but an essential tool to provide better business decisions. If information is critical to the survival of an organisation, it has to be managed effectively.

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What are the best practices on Data Governance?

  • Communication is the key for an effective data governance procedure. It’s fundamental to keep stakeholders well informed before, during and after the implementation of the program.Before its implementation, it’s necessary to inform why it was chosen specific program; secondly explains how it will be working, and finally, it’s time to present the first results of its implementation;
  • Get the company involved and well informed about the data governance practices through webinars, especial presentations and even tweets is effective. It’s important to engage the whole organisation;
  • Data must follow privacy regulations. That’s why is so important to define a data privacy policy even before implement the data governance program in the company. It will define legal sharing conditions, for example;
  • Define what a data governance means for your organisation. This way it’s possible to define strategies and long-term goals. It will depend on what is your company focused. Every business is different, even when they provide the same services;
  • Keep the team trained and engaged. Data Governance programs are constantly updated and improved. So do need to be your data protection and management in your company.

*This is a collaborative post.

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