The Most Accessible Attractions in the UK

Despite the size of the country, the United Kingdom has landmarks and landscapes that takes our breath away. We’re spoilt for choice with stunning coastline and historic spots everywhere we go, from John O’ Groat to Land’s End.

In 2018 only, there were 37.9 inbound visitors to the country, having London as the main destination for 50% of those tourists. we are the 6th biggest tourist destination in the World. But have you ever thought about accessibility when visiting the UK?

Luckily, there is a study recently made to reveal the most accessible attractions in the UK. This study combined multiple factors across the 30 highest rated attractions in the UK including whether they had:

  • accessible toilets
  • universal access
  • mobility aids on offer
  • onsite disabled parking
  • free carer tickets
  • whether they allowed guide dogs
  • their Euan’s Guide score to determine the most accessible attraction in the UK.

Interestingly, the attractions that came in the top 10 are spread out across the UK, and not concentrated entirely within the capital, or even large cities in some cases, as some might expect. This study has revealed that across the length of the UK, attractions are prioritising accessibility.


Stonehenge and Titanic Belfast were determined as the most accessible attractions in the UK, both achieving a perfect score. Their attention to accessibility and the importance of making the attraction welcoming to all is clear when looking across the determining factors.

It’s a brilliant inclusive form of spread the words about accessibility in the country. After all, tourists should be treats as equal everywhere in the world. I do hope other visitors’ boards can also provide such an important information.

Here’s now the infographics and interactive map that reveals what are the most accessible attractions in the UK/ 


featured Image | Photo by Inja Pavlić on Unsplash

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