Tips on How to Save Money According to Grand Canyon Advisors

In 2021, I want to make my first big trip to Asia. It would include visiting at least two countries – Japan and South Korea. Although it’s only on the paper, it’s time to start thinking about saving money. That’s the biggest task that needs to be planned in advance. Meaning – right here, right now!

According to the some specialists, some tolls such as the savings calculator can be helpful to understand the amount of money you need to achieve some goals. In the case of a trip, it can help you to plan your budget and the necessary cash to send in plans tickets. For example.

Another valuable tip is downloading an app that will help to keep your saving up to date.

Thinking in advance, I have decided to list some simple ideas of how to save money in a most efficient way. If you are tight in budget, one of the most effective ways is definitely asking for the help of an expert such as – the Grand Canyon Advisors.

But you can also follow some other simple tips on top of this, here’s list of tricks to consider to stop wasting money.

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1- Move any unspent money to your saving account

Yes, that’s effective especially because you can automatically forget the existence of this “extra cash” when you leave it on your savings. You can set a specific quantity every week or month and build your saving on a click, transferring it from your personal account.

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2- Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Have you ever thought how expensive the cleaning products are in general? It’s an extortion. Choosing natural ingredients to make your own natural products will not only be a good way if saving cash, but also protect the planet. Lemons, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are lifesaving.

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3- Second hand is the always the first

We are blessed with the most interesting second-hand shops here in the UK. I do confess that I’m not the one to spend mountains of money in a piece of clothe just because of its name. Buying clothes from affordable shops will save you at least 25% of money than shopping on high street flagships.

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4- Compare prices before buying

Do you need a new washing machine? There’re moments you can`t escape, and the only way is replacing that broken appliance. But before going for the first online search, use comparing websites to find the best deals. I also check e-bay and Amazon deals before looking anywhere else.

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5- Buy in bulk

That’s something already in practice in here. We usually visit organic shops, and most of food we do consume like coffee and some grains should be bought in bulk. It’s definitely cheaper in those shops than anywhere else. Besides, buying in bulk is also Eco-friendly and an effective measure to avoid use of plastic packaging, which will always be helpful in the task of stopping using single items as well.

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6- Have financial meetings gradually

Tracking your spends is still one of the most effective ways of saving money. Set some dates monthly to sit down with your partner and family members to check your income and expenses. If will keep you on green and avoid headaches in the future.

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