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You probably heard that when in Budapest, you can`t skip visiting the Jewish Quarter. It’s a true gem located in the District 7, where modern bars, cafes and restaurants are placed in gentrified buildings that are also known as “ruin bars”.

The street art and murals spread along the district give it the underground and cultural vibe that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the places. It’s in the Jewish Quarter as well that is located the most famous synagogues of the city.

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We have visited the Jewish Quarter right in the end of our trip to Budapest. I wished to spend more time in the area. We wanted to visit lots of many ruin bars in the area, and ended up finding Mazel Tov – recommend by Time Out’s list of 11 best restaurants in Budapest in 2019.

When I reached its entrance, I doubted it would be so interesting inside. Maybe some more of the same in the area. But I’m glad I was completely wrong.

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We didn’t have to wait too long till a staff to take us to our table. Which for me it was a surprise, considering that, apparently, there are constant queues at the entrance.

It wasn’t the case that day. As soon as you are in, you can see how majestic and spacious is Mazel Tov. I mean, huge. I liked what I saw!

mazel tov 18.jpg

To start with, Mazel Tov is placed in one of many lefts in ramshackle condition buildings of the city. The only difference is what it was done inside it. One of the most beautiful restaurants of Budapest.

mazel tov 2.jpg

It’s rustic? Yes, it’s. Is it modern? Yep. Is it hipster? Totally!

There are several different ambient in this restaurant. Right in the entrance it has a bar, a baking area – which I imagine it’s where all the fresh bread comes from, plenty of tables around and another bar in the back of the restaurant, where it was our table.

There is a big glass roof above us and preserved trees inside the area. Just beautiful!

mazel tov 14.jpg

What can you get in Mazel Tov? Israeli food in what is best in Middle East It couldn’t be better for my taste with plenty of salads, grills and some classic one.  As we were in the brunch time, I have decided to go for a classic one, Shakshuka with hummus and fresh pitta.

Shakshuka, you know, it’s one of the most popular flavours that you can get from Israeli’s food. It’s not only staple, but a winner when talking about breakfast food.In Mazel Tov it represents the food that I expect being served in Tel Aviv. It’s delicious, simple and well-seasoned.

mazel tov 11.jpg

My celery juice was prepared right in front of me. One thing that it was particularly interesting about this restaurant: the staff were almost all males. I saw a girl working in one of the areas. That was it.

No waitress. I never seeing something like this before, but I already checked, and I know they also have girls working on it. Maybe it was just that day. But I found it a quite different concept.

mazel tov 3.jpg

So, yes, the food. It was delicious. Well-seasoned, hummus was delicious, and the pitta is quite fresh indeed. That baker oven is working well!

My celery juice didn’t look the most Instagrammable thing ever, but it was delicious. I could drink that every day for breakfast.

mazel tov 9.jpg


I could try the whole juice and homemade lemonade that I see at this menu. While hubby have chosen a salmon on toast with salad and a lemonade.

mazel tov 12.jpg

What can I say about Mazel Tov? It’s a good surprise indeed. I would go back there not only for brunch or dinner, but also just for having some drinks in the area.

mazel tov_4.jpg

The Jewish Quarter is one of the most interesting parts of Budapest. It’s vibrant, and it preserves the history of this beautiful city in its streets, restaurants, bars and cafes in the area. Budapest is my type of city and Mazel Tov does the type of food I want to try when I visit it again!

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