5 airport facts that you (probably) didn’t know before

I believe that airports are truly fascinating. They are just like small cities that work non-stop plus, they have restaurants, shops, some have accommodation inside and even butterfly gardens! But more about that later!

First, let’s introduce ourselves. At Aviation Spares, we supply the aviation industry with ground support equipment, which is all the equipment that you see at airports to service airplanes before and after you board.

We’ve been supplying aviation equipment for over 30 years now, and in that time, we’ve gained a great amount of knowledge about all the fascinating facts about airports.

1-Lilou, the therapy pig

If you are ever at San Francisco International Airport and are feeling anxious about your upcoming flight, Lilou will come to the rescue. She is the world’s first airport therapy pig that provides mass therapy for passengers, airport staff, and even flight attendants and pilots.


2-Feeling bored at the airport?

If you are at Singapore Changi airport and are looking for a relaxing activity to kill time, why not head over to the world’s first airport butterfly garden? This garden is home to over 1000 tropical butterflies from as many as 40 species.

In case you find yourself at Hong Kong International airport and are looking for something to entertain both you and the kids, make your way to the nine-hole golf course right next to terminal 2. Not our thing? The airport is home to the largest IMAX screen in Hong Kong, which has 350 seats.

3-The gift that keeps on giving

At Ben Gurion airport in Israel, the airport staff collect lost helium balloons once or twice a week and take them to sick children at Tel Hashomer Hospital.

4-Dealing with complaints.

When Houston airport started to receive a high number of complaints from passengers who claimed that they were waiting too long for their baggage, they decided to move the arrival gates away from the main terminal. This way, passengers had to walk longer to get their luggage and the complaints dropped to almost zero.

5- The skies are the 159th most populous place in the world

According to FlightAware, there are on average 9,728 planes with a total of 1,270,406 people at any given time, making the skies the 159th most populous place in the world.

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