Best Winter Sustainable City Breaks

Best Winter Sustainable City Breaks

When it comes to travel unless you are walking or cycling then it is generally considered that whatever method you use to travel is going to have an impact on the environment.

However, some travel experiences can have a better impact on the environment than others. These sustainable travel destinations have become much more sought after in recent years and we take a look at some of the best places you can go this winter

Copenhagen, Denmark

 Beautiful, beautiful Copenhagen as Danny Kaye once sang is widely regarded as one of the best most sustainable travel hotspots. This city is very accessible by bike and you will find that most people cycle everywhere in the city. In winter it seems to turn into something out of a classic 90s Christmas movie.

There are amazing Christmas markets to explore. There are ice rinks plenty to indulge in some winter fun. There are also some amazing fairy-tale-like castles that will look amazing in the winter snowy scenery.

This is a place where you can indulge your Christmas spirit without impacting heavily on the environment.

Photo by Frank Denney on Unsplash

Reykjavik, Iceland

 This is a place of outstanding natural beauty and a lot of people come to check out the amazing volcanic landscape. The Blue Lagoon and the Goldfuss are also popular places to look at the amazing landscape.

This is complemented in winter by one other unique phenomenon and that is the chance to see the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights are one of the top destinations that people want to see in winter and are on the bucket list of many people.

The great thing for eco-tourists is that Iceland is committed to providing sustainable options and this includes a commitment to the use of electric vehicles for getting around the city. So, you can have an amazing experience and still feel good about it.

Try winter camping in Reykjavik and nearby areas. You’ll find eco-friendly campsites, rent bikes, or go on a hike.

Book a campervan to travel to natural wonders with more ease and at your convenience. Limit your waste while camping/campervanning and dispose of it properly, and leave no trace.

Barcelona and Valencia, Spain

 Spain is one of those European countries that are easy to explore by bicycle or tour its cities on foot. Barcelona is an amazing place with so much to see or do and you can get to pretty much everywhere on foot.

So, it makes it Eco-friendly for tourists. There are also options to volunteer at farm rescue centres or other animal places so that you can give back during your trip. Valencia has some amazing sights as well, and Christmas and New Year tend to be very jolly affairs.

The cathedral here is supposedly the last resting place of the holy grail so it is no surprise that midnight mass on Christmas Eve is a magical experience. If you stick through to New Year you will see some of the best fireworks in Spain as well.

The temperature in Valencia still reaches around 15c during the winter which means that it is not too cold to be exploring the place on foot without getting too cold. This means that sightseeing is easy to do, great fun and there is plenty of great winter things to see and do.

Featured Image | Carlo Villarica on Unsplash


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