Is the Holiday with loved ones the secret for a happier life?


Summer just gone but it’s still time to go for a wander somewhere! There are people that prefer travelling in the winter. I do.

We all feel tempted to, at least, joining a road trip somewhere. Travelling solo is trendy, I know. But there is nothing more exciting than planning some days out with family and beloved ones.

Recently surveys point out that 88% of holidays makers would rather going on holiday than buying a new car or mobile phone.

It’s a fact that memories from your last travels have more effective value than material goods such as a new TV or a car. It’s also a fact that no one can tell us how we should live our lives.

How many people leave a career behind to travel around the world?  The decision is only yours.


I usually say that “I work to travel”. I didn’t even go back from a new spot, but I am already looking for the next trip somewhere else.

Well, I need to pay bills first, then travel. And there is nothing more exciting than planning your next holiday and the anticipation of it. Especially when I include my family on it.


In the summer of 2018, my husband and I planned some weeks of pure adventure in Europe because my parents came from Brazil to stay with us for two months. We have been everywhere – from Wales to Amsterdam.

The memories they brought back home were priceless. But I do confess that planning a trip like this is exhausting.

It was the most expensive time of the year for people living in Europe, The busiest one as well.


Despite the amazing weather we faced for more than two months in a roll, it was the craziest experience we ever got into, considering as well that both – my husband and I – didn’t stop working in the summer. We just fitted as much as we could to the whole adventure.

I can honestly say that in the end, it worked quite well. We did have a hell of fun on the beach, in a famous football stadium and having a lovely boat trip in Amsterdam. Yes, my parents are quite open. They’re always ready to embark on any kind of adventure.  


What are the perks of it?

Having to find different food to cater my mother’s diet. Not being able to explore hilly cities because my father’s heart condition. He’s fit, but we can’t abuse of long walking. Something that my husband and I pretty much love doing.

The language was also a barrier. As my parents don’t speak English, we had to pretty much follow them everywhere they wanted to go.


But we found a spot on the beach in Wales, where they could go for their walks on the sand without getting lost. It was also an amazing experience for both of them – that could do their own thing without us.

Money – Yes. We spent a lot when we travel in family. Petrol, food, accommodation- it all comes to a big chunk of money and the fear of facing the credit card statement weeks later.


Travelling in the summer is twice expensive than any other time of the year. And I don’t even have kids to add to this matter.However, we expected that, and it took a bit of time to recover afterwards. Nothing that some extra hours working wouldn’t solve it.

Besides, staying in Airbnb for most of the time my parent stayed here also helped. It’s way cheaper than any hotel room in major or small cities.


What I have learnt from travelling with love one? It’s a joy. Pure joy. We never had so much fun and good memories to keep. Not to mention that part of the adventures happened during the 2018 World Cup – which made our adventures more special.


But answering the question that is in the tittle of this post, yes! It’s probably true that memories kept on holidays are worth it. And, we’re already preparing the new European adventures for my parents next time they visit us.

Simone Ribeiro
Hi! I'm Simone, a citizen of Britain, where I live for over a decade, and of Brazil, where I was born. Midlands Traveller is where I combine my passion for travelling, business and an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

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