The Real Deal About Staying in a Campervan | Conwy – North Wales

I’m not gonna lie, I have stayed in small places before but this one was something else. We always take some time in the year to visit somewhere in the country that can be surrounded by nature.


This year, we have chosen a spot in North Wales to spend some days of isolation from Birmingham. That wasn’t my first time choosing a static campervan as accommodation via Airbnb.

It was late April when we headed up to Cowny – a gorgeous part of Wales that I have never been to before. Our accommodation was placed between Llandudno and Betws-y-Coed. And I don’t need to say it’s surrounded by nature.


Both locations are quite popular tourist destinations not only in the summertime. Also, a perfect spot to explore Snowdonia itself.

Our RV was a hideaway in a cosy and relaxing valley with a gorgeous wooden garden and total privacy. I will be honest and say that from the outside, it looked smaller than I expected, but it’s what you get when choosing to be back to basics.


Inside, the caravan looks bigger and quite well equipped. A cosy little nest in the middle of nowhere.

For those who are looking for super comfort, I can tell staying in a caravan won’t hit your spot. It’s not for everyone, but it’s still a quite popular type of Airbnb as you may know. And this one was solid booked for months, so we give it a go! Plus, it must be quite interesting to transform this kind of recreation vehicle into accommodation.

It’s important to remember that it’s essential to keep the maintenance of this type of vehicle even when it’s static and on-site. The best thing to do is to compare caravan insurance quotes from a number of top insurers and keep your caravan safe for visitors.


Our host, Sylvia, was super friendly leaving us coffee, biscuits and even a bottle of wine.

She explained to us all shenanigans of staying in this kind of accommodation, including how to switch on and off the hot water. Something that was quite important considering our visit was late April, in an already cold weekend where the UK would be battered by the visit of hurricane Hannah (I guess it was its name).


When we stay in this kind of caravan, you pretty much get used to the idea it’s not a luxury boutique. And that’s nice because you know it will be only a place to crash during the night on colds or hot nights.


You can still make it a home away from home, but it’s not a place to accommodate many people, for example. Especially kids. Besides, facilities like chemical toilets can bit the trickiest part of it. Again, it’s not for everyone.


This caravan had running water, a kitchen with electric equipment, including a toaster and plenty of room for storage. We could cook, and to be honest, we prepared even a curry one of the days. It was very practical.

caravan 11.jpg

The kitchen actually was my highlight in this accommodation. It was that it was an invitation to cook there. So, we did.

It’s important to remember that staying in the middle of a valley also requires shopping for food or asking for taking away sometimes. We’re always repaired and usually have food with us.

But we found a Coop-supermarket in the village next door- Llanwrst – that had all suppliers that we would need for the four days we spent there.


Our first day was a bit of a wasted one as well with a big storm reaching us. We tried to go to Llandudno for the day but it was just impossible to stay out of the car.

So, we spent most of the time inside. It was windy and cold and we didn’t have too many options other than enjoying some drinks and snacks while looking at the soaking wet valley outside. At least it was cosy inside the caravan.


But that’s when the lack of space starts to speak for itself. We always have music as entertainment and I can’t even imagine being without one of our playlists on the road – as you all know.


But staying in a teeny-tiny caravan can also be boring if you’re stuck inside for long hours. We had a bench outside that was useful when we wanted to have our breakfast out in the woods.

Luckily, the weather improved quite quickly the following days, and we could enjoy walkings, cyclings and all the time exploring nature spots that this gorgeous North Wales has to offer.


Sleeping in the caravan was also okay. The bed was comfy as well. I didn’t have any trouble sleeping in a space that is right next to a chemical toilet, for example.

However, the toilet itself was the pain in the arse- literally- of this kind of accommodation. We knew where we would be getting into when we booked this Airbnb, though. And I know that chemical toilets are Eco-friendly as well and it’s a plus when we think about ecotourism.


I also know some people can live in caravans, but I could honestly say it’s not for me. You can even check some videos on YouTube on “how to use this kind of toilet properly”.


Seriously. From the flash system to the space on it and its self-cleaning, it was just a nightmare for me.

Still usable, but that’s when I think it difficult to stay again in this specific type of campervan. And that was the only downsize in this accommodation, to be honest Just a matter of choice.


I would say it’s a place to spend only a few days. Perhaps, it’s the cheapest way of being in that area too, considering that we paid only£200 for four days.

And I do recommend the experience of staying in an RV, anyway. Just be aware of the cons of sharing a small space like this during your holidays.

So, let me know if you have already stayed in campervans before and how is your relationship with chemical toilets? 😉 


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