Best Finance Solutions to Make the Most of Your Travel Experiences in 2020

Best Finance Solutions to Make the Most of Your Travel Experiences in 2020

Sorting out your finances is usually a hard game. Imagine adding several holiday plans to holidays without strong with debts and high interests in credit cards.

A new decade is about to start and perhaps, it’s also time to get the best finance solutions to align budgets and goals for 2020.

Here are some tips on making the most of your ravel experience without struggling when travelling next year:

Keep things simple

I see people trying to book expensive holiday packages instead of researching for the best deals online. It makes me cringe. There is no reason to rely on travel agents or expensive packages on adverts of magazines nowadays if you have Internet.

For the elderly ones, ask for help of someone in the family. I’m sure there will be someone willing to help you booking the cheapest flight or finding a tour guide that will understand your travel needs.

Work while Travelling

If you are a freelance worker, like moi, it’s you probably know that working while travelling is not a rocket science. It can’t be a bit challenging sometimes. However, it’s always great to know that an extra cash can be made while visiting any destination in the world.

I usually teach while travelling. It’s practical and the only thing that I need to care about is the different timezone.

Avoid Seasonal Travelling

That’s it. I would love to go to Japan in the spring and Autumn when the delicate cherry blossom season gives you the most vibrate vibes and experiences in this fascinating country.

However, it’s also the most expensive time of the year to embrace what the land of the rising sun has to offer best. So, instead of expending stupid amount of money in season travelling, I’d choosing visiting it in a less crowded time of the year.

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Download Travel Apps

Travel Apps are the best tools you can have when travelling. You can find from best restaurants, coffee shops and bars to the free attractions that you can join in only one click and best transport deals as well.

Get help to not get in in trouble

If you’re already in finance troubles, it’s important to know when asking for professional help that will present you the best finance advice or strategies to avoid more debits in the future.

This way, you can not only start planning journeys to new destinations, but also use the tools provided to educate yourself about finance.

Pick More Affordable Destinations

Of course, it’s great to go to Santorini, Barcelona and Paris. However, travelling to less expensive travel destinations is a way of saving money and get out of finance troubles. It also means you can explore unique places. You would be surprised!

I have been to Bratislava this year – It’s an European capital where people usually would use as “hub” to visit more known cities such as Prague and Vienna.

I was surprised not only by the beauty of Slovakia itself, but Bratislava is a great city to explore its history, gastronomy and cultural aspects.

I have saved a lot of money in accommodation as well, and it would be amazing to go back to Slovakia again. Sometimes, skipping the hype is the best you can do for your pocket too. Choose more affordable destinations also makes easier start planning future trips.

Featured Image | Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash


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