Investing in Yourself in 2020 | Boosting your Confidence #1

It’s nearly the end of another decade, and many people are already thinking ahead planning some changes for 2020. It doesn’t matter if it means a change in your career, moving houses or a change in your appearance the important is investing on yourself!

House moving is on priority here. But, believe or not, I have to confess that hair extensions have been to my list of changes that I would possibly go for in 2020. A bit of change in the appearance can give you a boost in your confidence, and I`m all for it.

This way I decided to write some well-being posts sharing some ideas about what should I invest my time and money on in 2020.

The idea didn’t fade away yet. However, I just realised how limited was my knowledge about invest in hair extensions. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not a rocket science. But at the same time, there are so many different aspects and methods to consider in this kind of procedure, that I decided to do a bit of research before stepping forward.


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First things first,  what is the best installation method? Apparently, there are lot of them, and the most popular ones are: clip-in hair (temporary extension) and tape- in hair (permanent extension). At least, these are the most appealing for me.

While the first one can literally be applied yourself, the second one is preferable to be made with the help of a professional in a beauty salon because taping the hair can be quite tricky and bring some damage to the strands. I particularly wouldn’t do it by myself, anyways.

They’re both quite affordable procedures, and it’s a good sign. I think I would go for the tape-in hair extension for the simply fact that it can last from 5 weeks to 8 month.

Another important fact to consider: colour. We tend to believe that choosing the colour of your extension will be the easiest part of the whole experience, and that choosing a similar colour to your hair is the safest procedure.

However, if the idea is looking for a bigger change in the style, it’s likely that an ombre would works better. Highlights and low-lights in this case, can be added to your extensions without having to worry about damaging your hair!

And if you’re not happy with the results, it’s fairly easy to get rid of this as well.

Photo by Alexander Shustov on Unsplash

What about the length?

Not everyone is blessed with long healthy hair that grows fast. That’s when hair extensions can be so useful. Besides, if you have a wedding or important event to attend and need a bit of a change of style, the longer hair extension will be a good option as well.

I guess there is no formula when talking about the right size of length to go for. It will depend on the way you want to style the hair. I can see myself with a longer one. Why not?

Possible solution for hair loss

And if you’re facing some hair loss, getting a bit of volume is also something to consider. Hair extensions are recommended for people facing the problem or even with Alopecia. According to statistics of the NHS, the problem is more common than we imagine.

The hair loss can cause huge distress and psychological impact in women and men. But it’s great to know that hair extension can be part of the solution nowadays.

And if you had a bad hair (cut) experience, the extensions can fix the disaster and it would probably work better than a simple wig.

As you can see, I can number several reasons to invest in a hair extension as part of some change and boost in your confidence.

Let me know if you already consider to have one too!

Featured Image | Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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