5 Ways to Get Into Green Beauty

5 Workable Tips to Get Into Green Beauty

Is there anything more rewarding than knowing that you can count on ethical beauty brands more than ever. There are plenty of Eco-friend companies and services out there respecting the environment. Green Beauty is here! We just need to track them down!

In the decade where consumers are demanding more sustainable options, it’s likely that skin and beauty care will both follow a more natural approach to be align to our personal ethos.

We have vegan certified products, cruelty-free, plastic free packaging, organic and natural care.

So many paths to follow that it’s impossible not to feel a bit lost sometimes. After all, the transition to zero waste in the beauty industry is not the easiest process, but we can always embrace the idea, learn from this and give it a go.

So, here is what I have learnt so far:

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Make Up – the more natural, The Better

Believe it or not but make up can be dome from natural ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen. Seriously, you never watched indigenous tribe members preparing themselves to some festivities. If you still wonder, there are some well-known indigenous make-up brands investing, but not totally Eco-friendly, I’m afraid.

Something that makes me always wonder if it’s not better goes back to basics.

Sustainable Packaging, always!

Oh dear! There is nothing more guilty than buying beauty care that comes wrapped up in thousands of plastics and wasting paper. It’s not acceptable. Especially when you have bamboo packaging as alternative for so many years.

There are even refillable palettes/packaging available in the market to help reducing waste. It’s worth it a research. Glasses and recyclable aluminium are also other popular choices to look for.

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

Is Ethically sourced hair a thing?

Yes, it’s. I have researched about the importance of going for ethically sourced hair extensions currently, and I’m happy to know that we can count on companies that uses real hair and make their best to offer really quality services.

Even the hair replacement system nowadays are technologically resourced to not only fulfil the needs of men and women losing hair, but also offer an ethical service that will bring you long-term results.

Look at the Label of Products

If there is something to care about when looking for green beauty in general, it’s the source of ingredients. The best way of finding out if the product is sustainable is looking at the label. You all know that sustainable ingredients and sustainable business practices are the facts that differs a ethical of a non-ethical brand.

But what makes a product sustainable? – products that are cruelty-free still can contain animal products or palm oil, for example. But don`t panic, the important is looking for the brands that tick most of items in the criteria.

The business practices also follow the criteria. Remember that sustainable packaging is essential. After all, we do need to combat the wasting as much as possible.

And don’t forget that the conscious consumerism is always the best path to follow when buying any product, anyway.

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