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A conference is a formal meeting for discussion. Conferences are typically formed for groups to focus on a specific topic or area of interest. For instance, there are conferences focused on business, motivational speaking, athletics, entertainment, and more.

Nevertheless, regardless of what type of meeting you are planning to host, they all have one thing in common, planning them is a tedious process. Organising a successful conference requires intense planning to make sure that everything occurs according to the plan.

On a related note, if you are planning a conference, one of the best locations to do so is in the United Kingdom. With its abundance of resources, scenic views, and reputation for hosting several conferences, this is the perfect location to congregate with individuals in your field.

Benefits of Hosting a Conference in the UK 

There are several benefits associated with hosting a conference in the UK. One of the benefits includes having an abundance of resources available right at the tip of your fingertips.

The UK is known to be a hub for innovation and creativity; therefore, it is accustomed to hosting large-scale conferences. Some of these conferences include the BIM & Geospatial Integration Conference, the ISM Partner Event: National Sales Conference, and the Int’l Business Conference. You can always count on Venuefinder to help locate the best meeting rooms & conference spaces.

Since the UK is familiar with hosting large conferences, it has also made accommodations to ensure that visitors have an enjoyable time both in and out of the conference.

That leads me to my next point, another benefit of hosting conference venues in the UK  is that there are a lot of activities your guests can do outside of the conference. From visiting local tourist attractions such as Big Ben and royal palaces, your guests are sure to be entertained throughout their visit.

You can take a look at websites such as to find venues in different locations.

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Selecting A Speaker

Besides location, the selection of a quality speaker can make or break your conference. Particularly, when planning a business conference, choosing a speaker is of utmost importance.

But, as intimidating as this may seem, it does not always have to be as hard as you think. For instance, one of the best ways to select a speaker for your conference is by first asking yourself, “Who is everyone talking about?”

If there is a particular speaker or business owner that has taken the industry by storm in the past few months, selecting them can generate a type of buzz for your conference that promotion could never.

Following the selection of a conference-worthy speaker, then preparation occurs. When it comes to preparing your speaker, it is all dependent on the speaker. As a conference organizer, you must provide the time, resources, and money to your speaker so that they can yield the best performance possible.

How to Plan a Business Conference 

As opposed to planning an academic or athletic conference, business conferences require a few more extra components. Besides the location and speakers, adding bits and pieces of extra gadgets and tools can take your gathering to the next level. This involves being in tune with the pulse of the industry at the moment.

Saying that you can’t do it alone. After deciding on the location, speaker, and other initial necessary compartments of your conference, it is essential that you assemble a team. Creating several groups to aid with specific goals can help you create a more efficient system for getting things done.

For instance, constructing a social media, logistical, speaker, and day of events team can help streamline the required tasks needed to complete a successful conference. Remember, as a word of caution when mustering up a team, it might be best to create a hierarchical structure so that duties can be assembled and distributed in an organised matter.

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Attracting the Right Audience 

You can’t have a conference if no one attends. Technically you can, but you don’t want that.

Attracting the right audience starts months before you open the doors to your conference. This is especially true if you will be attracting an international audience to your conference as they will need to apply for the right visa or ETA (electronic travel authorisation); you can apply for one here to ensure they will be granted entry and not turned around at customs.

To do a conference right promotion needs to occur consistently, and it must be aggressive. Encouraging individuals to attend your meeting can be done with flyers, social media blasts, word-of-mouth advertising, and regular commercials.

Hosting a conference in the UK can be done successfully through detailed planning, strategic thinking, and teamwork. By following these tips, you are well on your way to organising the conference of the year.


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