What I Ate Wednesday | Family Meal at the Bull’s Head in Shenstone

That as the second time I have visited Shenstone. My first visit was on a birthday some years ago. And what was supposed to be a tranquil meal with my husband, it ended up in a drinking session until later than expected.

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This time, I wanted to experience the food. Not drinks. And the village itself. So, we headed to Shenstone for a family meal at the Bull’s Head.


As I understood, the pub had a recent makeover. I don’t remember how it looked like before. But it’s quite nice and spacious. It has a modern décor and a lot of character with its cosy sofas and wooden tables and its open fires. I like the combinations of countryside pub with modern town one.


And even without any reservation, it was fairly easy to tables available. However, it was getting packed when we left.

We missed the brunch, but I was content to know that there were plenty of options to suits my low-carb diet. I was content with a starter that had mushrooms on a toast and my refreshing salad with mango, avocado and prawns.


There was a lot of salad in the plate and maybe this justified its price. It was a correct and tasty meal. Didn’t blow my mind though. Not like the persimmon and mozzarella salad I had in Arturito, in Sao Paulo.

My husband decided to go for one of the chef’s specialities – the pie of the day that had prosciutto, brie and chicken, also served with roasted carrots and gravy. I don’t eat chicken; do I didn’t try his meal.


But I have to say his meal smelled and looked appetising. It looked the true personification of a gorgeous country pub’s meal.

Auntie Kate gone for the beef brisket and it looked also delicious.


We didn’t drink and I skipped the dessert for one single reason – I can`t eat anything with sugar for a while. Luckily, I am not a sweet-tooth person.

The staff was nice and caring. I think the manager was also around actually serving us in some point. Something that is really thoughtful, of course.

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We were not in the drinking mood, but I confess I wanted to visit this pub soon just to try some of the cocktails I have spotted on the menu.

Prices? A bit spiced. Like I said, I can have a better salad for half of it. However, both my husband’s and auntie’s meals looked like they worth it the price paid. I guess country pubs are famous for its sourced meat and also delicious pies. Not a place to go for only trying a salad. My bad.

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On overall, it was a nice experience that was cheaper than expected. It came to £50 for three people, but we have to remember there were no alcoholic drinks.

Would I go back to The Bull’s Head? Yes, I would. Like I said before, there are some cocktails waiting for me.

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Shopping local and visiting the Saint John’s the Baptist Church.

After our meal, we had a nice walk through the village. Auntie kate wanted to check the Saint John’s The Baptist church – which is placed in the highest point of the village. It’s a beautiful church and the remains of what I believe is the old church is also quite inquisitive.

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We also popped to the local butcher and I get some venison sausages and eggs. I still think we should shop more in butchers. Even I don’t eat too much meat, I still praise the quality of food. Besides, eggs are always better sourced and way cheaper than the average ones from supermarket.

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Once again, I had a nice afternoon in Shenstone. I’m glad it’s fairly near from where we live, and I will definitely pop for more experiences like this soon.

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