My experience with Dietbon ready-made meals

It’s not a secret to anyone that I’ve been careful with my eating habits for most of my entire life. My metabolism never helped me and being a curvy girl does mean I’m used to track my weight sometimes.

The truth is that this year, I’ve started to lose weight, and I have no doubt it’s due to some changes on eating habits. I’m happy to be on a low-carb diet now and didn’t have plans to change for a while.

When I was chosen to review the Dietbon’s diet ready-made meals for a week, my only concern was not changing my current diet too much. On the other hand, it would be a good reason to adding some different flavours to my plate. So, why now giving it a try?

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What is Dietbon?

Dietbon is an Eco-friendly company based in France that offers varied, balanced and 100% natural quality home-delivered ready-made meals that are designed to lose weight. The recipes were created by the 2 renowned chefs – proof that slimming programs can deliver tasty and delicious food.

We generally receive 6 days’ worth of meals including: breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner.

The huge (and refrigerated) parcel with all meals, snacks and two packages of detox tea was delivered to me in-speed time within 72 hours. Something that we do appreciate when relying on this kind of meal plan for the week.

That’s what I’ve received for the week:

Main meals

  • Creamy vegetarian carrot and coconut soup.
  • Spicy tomato and beef soup
  • Whole meal salad farfalle, chicken, dried tomatoes and parmesan.
  • Chicken tikka masala with rice and quinoa.
  • Sautéed pork, potatoes and carrot with bacon.
  • Hake filled with whole rice and vegetable in a Kerala sauce.
  • Conchiglie, pacific salmon & spinach
  • Roasted chicken and potatoes mash
  • Marinated grilled salmon steak and vegetarian puree
  • Salmon, vegetables and cereals
  • Penne & meatballs
  • Marengo veal


  • Lemon natural flavour muffins (8x)
  • Pancakes (8x)
  • Apple and pear dessert (8x)


2 packages of detox tea:

Vitalise me and Keep Calm ones. I absolutely love them!

And as a bonus, I had a consultation on the phone with a dietician to answer all my queries about the meal plans itself. I have spoken with Jenny ( I believe it’s her name) for approximately 45 minutes, and it was quite helpful indeed. But I will talk more about it in a minute.

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How was my experience with Dietbon ready-made meals?

To start with, they didn’t taste as diet food at all. I have to say that some of them are honestly the most delicious ready-made meals I ever tried. I could eat the creamy vegetarian carrot and coconut soup and marinated grilled salmon and vegetarian puree every week!

Some other ones, like the sautéed pork, potatoes and carrot with bacon I would skip, as it was not for my taste.

The mains were quite tasty, and most of them looked nice on the plate as well – something that is usually disappointing in most of meals of its kind.

The portions were also a highlight for me. I usually don’t eat big portions and I thought that Dietbon did a great job providing the quantity of food that fulfilled my needs. I didn’t feel hungry even when I didn’t complement the ready meals with salad or vegetables.

However, I wasn’t a big fan of the snacks provided simply because I don’t eat artificial sugar, and I believe that it’s one of the most important steps to have a healthier life and lose weight.

Don’t get me wrong, the lemon muffins were delicious. And besides the program has no restrictions to sugar consumption, I don’t really see the point of having to eat sugar on a weight loss diet. Besides, I don’t crave for sweet snacks everyday and I would find quite difficult to have regular desserts of this kind. Not for me, I prefer to stick with fruit and yogurt as a treat.

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Did it work for me?

Honestly, I guess this kind of diet works perfectly for someone who has no time to cook during the week, but have some spare money to invest in quality ready-made meal plans like this.

I didn’t manage to lose weight. Like I said before, it would work better if it was based on a diet where cutting carbs is quite essential. I had some meals with pasta that wouldn’t be my first option, for example.

However, I didn’t put weight on. And that’s a sign that it works in certain way. Maybe I would need to exercise a bit more to boost my weight loss path. I also liked the idea of having “free day” to cook for myself.

That was the day I prepared my popular cauli-flower cheese at home. It gave the feeling that you’re not obligated to eat ready-made meals all the time, but I also can rely on them in the other days of the week.

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What advice from the dietician was beneficial to me?

All of them. I probably spent more time talking to her than expected and it was a highlight of the program itself. It’s quite important to have a consultation with a professional that will understand your needs and point out what it’s not working for yourself and can be changed on your diet.

She reminded me of the importance of exercising and answered all my queries about my daily eating routine. Thanks again, Jenny!


Would I carry on with Dietbon ready-made meals?

I don’t think so. Like said before, my current diet is based on more strict kind of food plans in terms of ingredients. It would be complicated to find meal options that would work properly for me.

On the other hand, most of the meals were quite delicious and I do recommend trying it and feel if it works for you in a short term, and who knows, stick with them for longer.

Use the WELCOME code now to get 15% discount and a free 28-day Morning & Night detox tea cure in your very first order of Dietbon plan.

*I was offered the equivalent to 1-week meal planning + two packages of teas to try for free, but my words here are an honest opinion about the whole experience.

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