20 Reasons to Visit Nepal in 2020

Namaste! Here we go again with another destination that deserves all eyes in 2020. Nepal – as you know – is one the UNESCO WORLD’S HERITAGE which you can see stunning landscapes and many cultural aspects to immerse yourself in both, adventure and mindfulness.

Tourism is the base of Nepalese economy, and this stunning country has so many cultural and natural attractions to be explored that’s fairly easy to list over 20 reasons to visit Nepal next year or any time you fancy doing it. Remember than respecting local culture and environment is one of the pillars of responsible travel.

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Here is why you should have a lifetime experience in Nepal in 2020:

# 1.Hiking and trekking! – Nepal has eight of the highest summits in the world. Do you need more reasons? Hiking in the Himalayas is probably one of the most incredible experiences in everybody else’s bucket list. Remember, some peaks demand certain experience in trekking. The Annapurna region is one of the most famous ones to join!

# 2.New Culture – Of course, you will find people speaking English in Nepal. But there is nothing more exciting than learning some Nepali greetings to show respect for the communities you are visiting. Namaste (hello and goodbye) and dhanyabaad (thank you) are a good starting!

# 3.The delicious Nepalese food – There is nothing saddest to see than people that don’t try local food when travelling. Believe me, there are plenty out there.

Not me! You must had heard of Dal Bhat before. This rice and lentils curry with meat or vegetable is one of the most popular dishes of Nepali culture. Momos are also traditional dumplings that are a must-try!]

Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash

# 4. Get spiritual! – You can’t embrace Nepal properly without visiting its lovely shrines,  monasteries and temples that are placed everywhere you go in the country. However, it’s also possible to have a truly spiritual experience in the birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini and the abode of Shiva simply finding a quiet retreat to meditate and be grateful for this amazing censorial experience.

# 5. Volunteering work – Social responsibility takes big part of my travel experiences. I can’t wait to embrace cultural and social aspects of Nepalese life too. Spend some time helping the community.

So, why not leaving something special back visiting laces like a local Orphanage? I have the honour of being ambassador of DOCS Foundation that provides guardianship, shelter, healthcare and educational support to beautiful Nepalese children.

I’m lucky enough to be ambassador of this lovely project and I think everyone should get involved in a volunteer project in Nepal too.

# 6. Eco-Friendly hotels – Sustainability is taken seriously in Nepal. It’s would be a great idea staying in sustainable accommodation. There are plenty of Eco-accommodations in Nepal waiting for guest that want a full experience in Eco-tourism and a more sustainable travel. There is always an hospitality companies that live the lowest carbon footprint to be chosen.

# 7.Untouched and Preserved Parks – There are several untouched and preserved places in Nepal that would be sites for an amazing adventure in the country. However, it’s quite important to remember that it’s fundamental to respect those environments. Khaptad National park can be a good option to explore Nepal outside Kathmandu.

#8.Local products – There is not better way of helping the local economy than buying local products. Whatever I go, I try bringing products that are produced there.

Buying trekking gear in Nepal can be challenging sometimes, but handcrafting work is a must! From metal ware to woodwork and paintings, it’s worth it to have a look at what is produced there! The market area of Kathmandu, in the  Asan Market,  is always a good place to start.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

#9.Yoga Retreats – I can’t think about a better place to have some piece of mind than in a Eco-Friendly Yoga Retreat. “The natural beauty of the gardens, around views of hills, forest, and other scenery provide the perfect atmosphere for exploring one’s spiritual energy.”

# 10.Honey hunting – Yes, apparently, nectar chasing is a big thing in Nepal that is a rich nation at bumble bees. You can join this tour in Ghanpokhari and Ghalegaun if you are courageous enough to learn of shake climbing.

# 11.Wildlife – Imagine being able to see with naked eyes, amazing animals such as leopards, blue sheep, and other protected species such as 26 types of mammals, nine birds and three reptiles. It’s important to say that these rare animals are confined to their prime habitats.

# 12. The Land of Festival – Thinking out going to Nepal and not joining at least one of its many festivals is the same than visiting Rome and don’t see the Colosseum. The fact Nepal has unique traditions spread in every community in the country.

It’s always worth it to check the calendar of many celebrations hold in the country and experience the unique events that have been happening for centuries.

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

# 13 Pilgrimage Sites – I’m quite fond of Hinduism and Buddhism. And it’s in Nepal that both religious are respected and appreciated in harmony. So, why not being pilgrim and check the holy Hindus and Buddhist sites?

The Hindu scriptures Skanda Purana is one of those holy sites that should be a must-see for those looking for a true spiritual adventure. Some of these sites are located in the Kathmandu valley. Others, will require some trekking experience.

# 14 Old Kathmandu – The capital of Nepal is full of attractions that will blow your mind away. If you are looking to get deep into the history of Nepal, it’s in the Old Kathmandu that you should start this journey.

There is history in every single alley and medieval backstreets of the city. Get your most comfortable pair of shoes and explore this part of the city walking around. Look for buildings, temples and shrines.

# 15.Sport Adventures – The land of trekking is also a perfect spot for other kinds of radical sports such as bungee jump, paragliding, skydiving, canoeing, rafting, among other sports. The sky is the limit. Or not!

#16. Homestay Experience – That’s probably in my bucket list more than anything else here. The best experience that real life of local and spend some time (night and day) with them.

Imagine eating together, knowing a bit more about their traditions and day to day life will open your mind to how hard is the life of some Nepalese people.

Photo by Toomas Tartes on Unsplash

# 17. Everest From Above – Wow, yes you heard well. Trekking is not for everyone. Especially talking about one of the most challenge one and highest in the world– Everest. If you don’t fancy hiking till the Everest Base Camp, you can always see it from above taking a helicopter ride.  ­

# 18.Elephant Bath – I do confess this is a new one for me. Apparently, it’s possible to have elephants splashing water in your face and body in the bank of the Rapti river. Just don`t join any activity that provoke any injuries and mistreat to animals like Elephant safaris, for example.

# 19. Exploring Peaceful Towns- Did you know that after the Earthquake of 2015 resulted in 10.000 deaths in Nepal? It’s a sad part of the history of a beautiful country and its people that has left devastating consequences. Nepalese people in the rural areas were deeply affected.

So, why not give then back now? There’re gorgeous towns and villages of Nepal to visit such as Nuwakot, that actually used to be the capital of the country, is a good spot to explore and find out more about how small villages and town in Nepal are coping nowadays.

# 20.Responsible Tourism – Last but not least, the fundamental reason behind travelling with responsibility is to preserve and to respect the local environment, heritage, culture and traditions of a destination you are visit for the first, or millionth time.

You, as a tourist, have the responsibility of be vigilant when staying in Nepal and joining any kind of tourist activity. Check here some important tips on responsible tourism in Nepal.

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