Reasons Why Your Next Holiday Should be a Yoga Retreat

Whether you’re an aspiring yogi or can’t touch your toes, yoga travel is for everyone. Demand for experiences is on the rise as a new generation of travellers combine wellbeing with adventure and wanderlust.

In response, the industry has exploded with a wide range of retreats designed to promote wellness and practice yoga. You can find yoga retreat destinations all over the world, but the ones in Europe have the best choice for a variety of skill levels and budgets.

So why choose a yoga holiday? There are some fantastic reasons why you should.

Yoga Travel is More Sustainable

As one of its core concepts, yoga focuses on creating a connection with nature. It is therefore vital to many retreat companies to protect the environment in which they use and enjoy.

In a time where the travel industry is under pressure to respond to climate change, the environmentally conscious amongst you will appreciate the option of more Eco-conscious travel.

Be sure to check the environmental policy of your chosen company as there are still ones out there not making an effort. Most companies who are doing their bit will happily discuss their environmental procedures with you.

Enjoy a Unique Dynamic

The way we travel is changing; reports show that more people than ever are opting for a solo travel adventure, and a yoga and meditation retreat is the ideal haven. Yoga travel sees a high number of individuals deciding to venture on their own.

The best thing? The nature of the destination allows for like-minded people to meet and make friends. If you don’t want to go on your own that’s fine too; many retreats are also designed with groups and couples in mind.

Group of people taking a yoga class on the beach

Discover New Destinations

These days it’s all about stepping off the beaten track, and a yoga retreat can offer you just that. Designed to promote focus and a deeper connection with nature, many retreats are hosted in rural and idyllic locations.

Visiting locations like this provide a much better opportunity for a cultural experience, meeting friendly locals and trying home-cooked regional delicacies.

Sunset of green hills and small village

Restore Balance

Life can be incredibly chaotic, and it can be challenging to find the time to focus on yourself. With a yoga retreat, you will have time dedicated to self-exploration and to reconnect with your thoughts and emotions in a safe environment.

With guided meditation led by experts, you will be given the opportunity and the tools to promote your own wellbeing and establish a self-care programme.

Professional studies have revealed that there are many scientific benefits to meditation, including a better ability to deal with stress and emotions, enhanced attention span and an improved sense of emotional wellbeing.

Feel Great When You Get Home 

You know that feeling like you need another holiday just to get over your holiday? With a yoga retreat, you will feel the opposite! A good retreat will give you the restorative energy and motivation that will leave you excited to return home with a new positive outlook on life.

Of course, you will likely be planning the next one as the experience is incredible, but many people find that they don’t return home from a yoga retreat with the holiday blues. What’s more, all that yoga will have you feeling fit and fresh!

Time to make 2020 the year of adventure and book yourself the experience of a lifetime.

Offering hand crafted retreat programmes, Balance Holidays offer restorative lifestyle retreats in exclusive locations around Europe and Morocco.

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