How To Make Your Boiler Installation More Eco-Friendly

It’s common these days to worry about your carbon footprint, from watching what you eat to what you wear- being Eco is everywhere. There are some aspects of your life where you can easily improve how Eco-friendly you are, but people often overlook it.

The main one you forget about is your home heating system, which makes a huge difference if done right.

Heating your home can account for as much as 50% of energy use in the average home in the UK, which means it’s the largest and most effective way to cut your carbon footprints.

It’s difficult to know where to begin when it comes to environmentally friendly products, especially when you want to save money in the process and have the efficiency you expect. So we compiled a guide to help you understand what you should be doing, and why.


ERP- What Is It?

Every electrical appliance from 2009 has an energy rating, and when considered during your purchase, could save you money and also benefit the environment. ERP (or Energy Related Products Directive) is European legalisation that covers all electrical appliances.

The Directive includes domestic and commercial heating products, such as your boilers, water heaters, and other electrically powered products.

It ensures that businesses are being as environmentally friendly as possible during the manufacturing process. This includes limiting harmful gasses, the main reason boilers will not be Eco-friendly.

Although every product has to be ERP compliant, it’s important to check the rating when buying for peace of mind knowing you are doing your bit to ensure you’re not wasting energy or polluting the atmosphere will dangerous gases. Buy your boiler with ERP in mind!

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Get Your Boiler Serviced

Once you’ve had your boiler installation, you have nothing to worry about. Use your new central heating system as much as you like, knowing you are ERP safe. However, maintenance is key to ensure you are being as Eco-friendly as possible.

Boiler services should be done annually, to ensure it is still working as efficiently as when you first bought it. If you leave your boiler un-serviced (especially when it is more than 5 years old), then it could be prone to blockages and corrosion which could use more fuel than needed.

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Upgrade Your Boiler

Boilers aren’t cheap, especially if you’re investing in a high-end model. However, it’s a long-term money saver if you splash the cash.

If you haven’t upgraded your boiler since 2005, it’s vital you take the next step- as heating systems installed before then are less than 60% efficient (compared to ERP standard of 92%). The money you save in bills by upgrading to a new boiler will soon outweigh the original price you paid.

Smart Home Power Strips

A smart power strip detects when a device is in standby mode and not being used, then cuts the power off to save energy.

This means that if you forget to turn off a device, you are not wasting your energy when you are not using it.

However, be wary of using smart power strips on certain devices, such as computers, as if you leave your desk for a few minutes it may result in your computer being turned off.

Follow these steps for an Eco-friendly approach to heating your home!

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