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I do love a tag post. Don’t you love too? But I have to be honest and say that Christmas posts are not my forte. You will probably feel quite disappointed after reading this tag.  However, it would be good to know if there is another real life Grinch , like me, out there.

Thanks, Laura, for tagging me! You can see her post here: Autumn’s Mummy blog.

Where will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

I’ll be at home as I always do since I have moved to the UK. I love a lovely cosy Christmas night drinking, having some nibbles and playing video game. We probably will watch some Christmas movie as well, such as Die Hard, of course. That’s my kind of holiday mood.

Who are you celebrating with?

My husband and cat Dougal. My parents will be on Skype in some time of the day. As they live in Brazil, we have different time zones. It’s complicated to schedule our “online” celebration.

Do you own any ugly Christmas jumpers?

Not, anymore. But I used to have one a couple of years ago. As we never had this tradition in Brazil – well, Christmas day there is hot as hell, anyway – I only knew about the Christmas jumper thingy here. That was great to wear one with friends once, anyway. I would do again for Charity and a good cause.

How do you spend Christmas Eve?

I usually have a normal day, working to be fair. I teach children in China. Some of them don`t celebrate Christmas as we do. Fair enough. There is nothing too special about it. But I do confess that it’s great to be cosy at home after the shift, without having to rushing in the city centre to get my bud back.

When I used to live in Brazil, it was more like eating, drinking and listening to music. Now, I like to have cosy and low-profile ones.

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When do you put up your decorations?

I don’t usually put up decorations because my cat destroys them. We have a quite minimalist Christmas tree to that I am quite proud about it. I am trying to reduce waste and Christmas is a good time to re-think our thoughts about it. By the way, have you seen my guest post on  Eco-Friendly Christmas decoration ideas ?

Do you have a decorating theme?

I like candles. For every situation in life. Not different at Christmas.

Do you have a tree topper?

Not really. I have some lights on it though. They are quite cool. Nothing too big.

What’s been your least favourite gift that you have received?

All pointless body showers for the last years. My husband also received shampoo once. As he is bald, I can tell you it wasn’t to helpful.

I miss that time when people used to give meaningful presents to each other. Nowadays, it’s more like an obligation. I’m thankful for the presents, but most of them end up going for charity nowadays.

What would you like to find in your stocking this year?

Health and prosperity for family and friends.

Photo by Morvanic Lee on Unsplash

When did you start buying gifts this year?

This the second year I don`t buy presents to anyone. I am also not receiving any. My husband and I usually ask people to donate money for charity instead. This year, we put money toward the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham and the Ward End Cat rescue. We also donate food to the food bank as well. That’s what Christmas in this house is about!

Have you ever recycled a gift?

Several times. They always go for charity if we don’t need them. Thanks for them, by the way. They will be useful to someone 😊

What’s your favourite Christmas food?

My mom’s Christmas food is always delicious. Growing up in Brazil, Christmas are always in the summer. We do usually have a Christmas turkey. But we make sure there are lots of Brazilian food as well.

What do you leave out for Santa?

A glass of red wine. It’s a stressful time for him.

Have you ever been carolling?

Not that I remember. It never was a thing in Brazil. To be honest, I know no Christmas carols. I know, a shame!

Photo by Fábio Alves on Unsplash

What do you usually have for Christmas dinner?

Wow! Every year is different. No traditional Christmas food here, I’m afraid. Last year, it was Indian food. All prepared from scratch from me. This year I am thinking about Japanese, Chinese. Asian fusion!

When do you open gifts?

It used to do it on Christmas eves in the past. Now, I am quite happy I don’t have anything to recycle the next day. 😉

How do you spend Boxing day?

Working. My students in China will be happy to have classes. As my husband also works, we see it as a normal day.

Describe a Christmas present you wanted badly as a kid, but never received

My father always tried his best to give us whatever we wanted. Bless him! But in some point, I probably was a demanding kid that wanted more than I needed.

Have you ever kissed anyone under the mistletoe?

No. Not a tradition in Brazil. But I will give this idea to my husband this year.

What’s your favourite character from a Christmas-themed movie, book, or TV special?

I don’t like Christmas movies, but I like Christmas predictable rom-coms. If it helps. My favourite Christmas-themed movie character would be Prince Akeem and all Eddie Murphy’s character in Coming to America. Just love it!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

If you were Santa Claus, what treats would you want to be left out for you on Christmas Eve?

A ticket to a new travel destination. Please, pick Japan, dear Santa.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

I like Sleepless in Seattle, Die Hard, Coming to America and Love Actually.

Have you ever had a White Christmas?

Not that I remember. Growing up in Brazil didn’t help. I would love to have one here in the UK, though.

Where do you usually spend your holidays?

At my cosy home.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

Last Christmas I gave you my heart – Wham! It sticks to our mind, you know.

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

In the past I used to do it. I am too curious/anxious to wait for the Christmas day to open the,. Sorry.

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? (No cheating!)

No idea. I thought they didn’t have any name. Do they have names?

Which holiday traditions are you looking forward to this year?

Give food to homeless people. That is what I would like to do every Christmas.

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

Fake and minimalist.

What is your favourite holiday treat/sweet/food?

I like everything that have Baileys on it. However, I can’t drink Baileys this year. No sugar for me this Christmas. So, I am going to for JD and diet coke and plenty of red wine.

Be honest, do you prefer giving or receiving gifts?

Giving. Always.

What is the best Christmas present that you have ever received?

My family spending Christmas with me here in the UK in 2016. Something to be repeated soon.

Photo by Lin Mei on Unsplash

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

New Zealand or Japan.

Are you a pro wrapped or do you fail miserably?

I hate it. I am not good at wrapping and I don’t like to waste paper, anyway.

Most memorable Christmas moment?

The Christmas when I met my husband. We were still living in different continents and he sent me a lovely message at midnight. It was in 2005 and I sent the Christmas with friends at the beach in Brazil.

What made you realise the truth about Santa?

When my friends at school started to take a piss of anyone who still believed in it. That was the end of the fairy tales.

What makes the holidays special for you?

Family. Always.

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