Festive Afternoon Tea at Sky by the Water – Resorts World

I’m a huge fan of Resorts World and I keep visiting it since it opened in 2015. Yes, nearly five years ago. The time flies. The fact is it’s a great entertainment complex outside Birmingham’s city centre.

As I live in Sutton Coldfield, I usually go to the cinema at Resorts World (Hey, Star Wars Episode IX, I see you soon!). We can honestly say it’s “our local” cinema.

I love shopping in its outlets and of course, Resorts World is also a great place to eat and drink.

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I was back at Resorts World once again this month. This time, invited by my friend Gabriella to enjoy a Festive Afternoon Tea at the rooftop bar Sky By the Water.

Placed on the 5th floor of the building, the venue is modern and elegant with a different ambience to enjoy food and drinks whether you are visiting it with family or friends.

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I loved the decor with comfortable tables, booths and covered outdoor pods – all providing beautiful views across the lake by the NEC.

Sky By The Water has a different ambience too such as a secret garden, and it’s already at its entrance that you know that eating and drinking here has been taken to another level.

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There is a huge bar and plenty of space to accommodate guests for any special occasion. I do confess that I was looking forward to having the whole Afternoon Tea experience there.

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The staff is quite friendly too. As soon as we were at our table, our waiter David took us through the types of Afternoon teas they served there. All of them are signed by the well-known pastry Chef Darryl Collins and his team.

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If you are not familiar with the traditional British Afternoon Tea – it’s a mini-meal served between lunch and dinner that is composed of savoury treats such as finger sandwiches, traditional scones, clotted cream and jam, then finishing with some delicate cakes and sweets.

The whole indulgence also includes a pot of tea – from a range of choices that include the traditional English breakfast to peppermint tea.

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At Sky by the Water, you can go for the Traditional one (£22.50 per person), or even opt for Sparkling, Champagne, Gin and Cocktail Afternoon tea experiences as well. The sky is the limit! – Sorry for the bad analogy!

We chose the traditional one that comes with a lovely selection of savoury treats – a salmon sandwich, a turkey and cranberry sandwich, a quiche tartlet and miniature sausage rolls.

sky by the water 8.jpg

The sandwiches were delicious. I particularly loved the miniature sausage roll and the quiche tartlet there were both quite fresh and not heavy at all.

As we expected, the second layer had scones. And believe me, I’m not a big fan of them. I know – shocking!

sky by the water 9.jpg

However, this orange and buttermilk one just got me. They were quite tender inside, not crumbling and they also looked stunning. Hello Chef Darryl! I do need this recipe, please.

Besides being a huge fan of Cornwall, I usually put the clotted cream before the jam. Sorry about that!

sky by the water quiche.jpg

The fact is I have changed my opinion about this iconic British baked good. I love these scones and I would go back for more! Just fitted perfectly with my cup of Jasmine Blossom tea.

sky by the water 10.jpg

The third layer is completed with mouth-watering sweets and it looks as festive as you can imagine. We had:

  • Mince Pie Crumble Tartlet with white chocolate cream;

mince pie sky by the water.jpg

  • Snowman Macaron with spiced fruit ganache and mulled wine centre;

snowmen sky by the water.jpg

  • Raspberry Victoria Slice with layers of sponge, raspberry jam, vanilla and white chocolate;

sponge afternoon tea sky by the water.jpg

  • Hazelnut Chocolate Travel Bar with rich chocolate ganache, hazelnut salted caramel and hazelnut whipped ganache.

hazelnut bar sky by the water

And what else can I say about those beauties? Some people know I am not a sweet-tooth person. I like chocolate and wouldn’t choose mince pies as my favourite Christmas pudding.

However, this festive selection of mini-tea cakes and sweets made my day. I love this mince pie tartlet and I would honestly marry it. It’s one of the most delicate Christmas desserts I ever tried.

However, the hazelnut bar was my favourite one. After all, nothing can beat the combo of salted caramel and chocolate, anyway. But all cakes were baked to perfection. A treat for your eyes and palate.

cocktail sky by teh water.jpg

I was also indulged by my friend Gabriella to have a cheeky cocktail. So, I asked for the Marmosa Tanqueray Gin, Orange Juice, Orange Marmalade, Vanilla, Lemon and Prosecco.

I can honestly say this Afternoon Tea experience at Sky by the Water is a must-do for anyone visiting the Resorts World. The food is impeccable, the drinks are inviting and the vibe at this place is incredible.

sky by the water 11.jpg

We have the pleasure of talking to the head-Chef Aaron Darnley. Now I can’t wait to be back and try his menu as well.

Festive Afternoon Tea at Sky by the Water – Resorts World.jpg

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