How Solar Energy Benefits the Environment


2020 barely started and we are already dealing with the environmental and social consequences coming from the bush-fire devastation in Australia.

It’s so sad on many levels. And despite some people still deny it, the climate crises should be our main concerning problem this decade. There is no way of ignoring it.

Meanwhile, the mother Earth is paying a high price for our no-sustainable decisions, and I guess it’s time to hurry up and start rethinking some of our actions before it’s too late.

But what are the small changes we can do to help reverse this situation? The good news is that sometimes we don’t even need to leave our homes to help the environment. Let’s think about green energy sourced from solar energy for example.


Despite the UK’s weather not being the most favourable when it comes to sunshine and warm days, it’s known that the prospects for the renewable energy sector have been improved at a fast pace.

Recently report published by the UK Government has shown that renewable electricity generation was 28.8 TWh in the third quarter of 2019, an increase of 16 per cent on the 24.7 TWh in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

The forecast seems to be working on our favour. Besides, we all need to agree that generating energy on your own roof is probably the cheapest ways of saving money on electricity bills. And that is enough reason to consider investing in solar energy, right? Absolutely!

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It’s also important to consider that companies from all over the world, such as Rusty Tweed, are joining solar power initiatives, helping us to get to the other end of 21st century with a more sustainable lifestyle.

Important things to consider about Solar Panels:   

Solar panels have solar cells that convert sunlight directly into electricity. They should be facing south, southeast or southwest to obtain more efficiency. Shades from trees and chimneys, for example, can also compromise this efficiency.

There are two popular types of solar panels in the market: Monocrystalline and polycrystalline ones. The first one is usually more expensive.

Of course, we have some pitfalls to consider before investing in solar energy sources, but let’s focus on the many benefits that renewable energy can bring to the environment and our pockets.

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#1. Reducing Carbon Emissions

This is probably the main reason we all should consider the exchange for renewable energy sources. According to date from the CCC, 40% of UK emissions come from households.

Low carbon generation could itself reduces emissions too saving 1.25 tonnes of CO2 per year for the average home. You can get more important facts on Climate change here.

It’s important to remember that using more efficient energy doesn’t matter making major sacrifices during the colder months of the year. You won’t need to switch your heater off. Solar energy can be low-cost and money-saving, and that takes us to the next topic.

#2. Solar Panels as a long-term investment

Compared to other European countries, we are quite behind on solar energy policies. Fortunately, this scenery is starting to change with solar panels being more popular in some regions of the country.

Not to mention that solar panels have also seemed like a long-term investment. People are always looking for new ways of saving money on electricity bills. It’s natural that having already a solar panel system will add value to the house when trying to buy or sell them.

 #3. Low Maintenance

If well-installed, solar panels need almost 0% maintenance. We can count on rainfalls to helping to clean it. And even the dust, debris, snow or other kinds of dirty specs can be cleaned with the help of some hot water.


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  1. I’d love to install solar panels on our roof but we are in a mid terrace house and just don’t think our roof is big enough. If we ever move to a bigger house I’d love to though.

  2. We have solar panels and they are great. We don’t really notice the reduced bills much, although I’m sure they must be in the summer, but we do love getting cheques every quarter for what we’ve sold back to the grid 🙂

  3. I have heard a lot of good things about solar energy and the great benefits it offers . Really useful article and very informative .

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