How Can Small Businesses Reduce their Outgoings

There are lots of things that companies can do to reduce their overall outgoings. One of the easiest ways to save money, both at work and home, is to go green.

Make sure all members of staff are turning off their computers at the end of the day to avoid wasting money on electricity. Install double glazing in the windows to keep the heat in during winter and change the light bulbs to energy efficient LEDs.

The initial investment will not only help you become more Eco-friendly, it will also reduce your utility bills.

A lot of money is wasted in office environments because the staff don’t have to worry about paying the bills. For instance, lots of people print off documents unnecessarily, wasting ink and paper.

They might print off a big project without checking it first, realise there’s a typo and have to start again.

Photo by Mike Kononov on Unsplash

There are managed print services that can help with this type of waste to help target expenditure more efficiently; they can assess the print trends in your company and tailor a strategy to meet your requirements, while reducing waste.

It might be worth assessing the skill-sets of your current employees. Help them upskill where possible so that they can work more efficiently and produce better quality projects for you.

You may be able to have your staff take on more responsibility and progress in their careers rather than hiring additional people, which would be more expensive than giving your current staff pay rises or bonuses.

Communicating with your employees is always important. If you tell them about your plans to reduce outgoings, they might want to help.

After all, the success of the business should be just as important to the staff as it is to the owner. For more information on how to cut costs at work, don’t hesitate to seek some professional advice.

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