The 5 Best UK Instant Coffee Brands


Coffee is something most of us love. Drinking coffee in the morning is a great way to get going through a busy day as coffee increases blood circulation to the brain. Around fifty per cent of coffee lovers go for the instant version.

This is mainly because instant coffee is fast, convenient, and cheaper in comparison to filter coffee – you don’t need to buy an espresso machine and wait for your coffee to brew. There are many popular brands of instant coffee in the UK, and most of them taste great.

It is hard to choose the best five instant coffee brands because every coffee tastes different and has something extraordinary about it. Let’s explore a list of the most trending instant coffee brands that British taste buds are loving.

Nescafe is an incredibly aromatic beans juice 

Nescafe coffees are quite affordable, if not cheap, for the quality they offer. It is the most consumed instant coffee brand in the UK. Nescafe tastes pretty good, it is a little bit frothy or foamy, but that is because most instant coffees are foamy.

The best thing I like about Nescafe is that it is bold and strong while still being light and smooth. To describe the taste in a single word, I would say that it has a delicate flavour.

It almost has a malty aftertaste, which makes it pretty unique as well. Nescafe has a serious fan following in the UK.

If you search for Nescafe reviews online, you will notice that it always gets ranked over any other brand. A lot of people rank Nescafe even over Starbucks VIA. You will even find professional coffee reviewers talking about it. I really enjoy the aroma of Nescafe.

I am pretty sure it has the best smell when compared to other instant coffee brands. Give it a try if you haven’t already, it is definitely worth it.

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Kenco is nice and smooth 

Kenco coffee brand has been around for about a century now. Kenco coffee is cheaper compared to Nescafe and is known for its smooth and rich flavour. Although I am not a fan of light coffee, I prefer intense flavours, but Kenco has a unique taste.

I don’t know any other brand that offers this smooth but not bland flavour. I think Kenco coffee is well-rounded, and its aroma is quite delicate and fruity. Its colour is quite dark, slightly red, or sort of dark brown with a reddish tint.

Kenco has a rich woody, a little bit chocolaty and sweet taste. It smells somehow uneven yet smooth. If you are into iced coffee, Kenco is the coffee for you, I have tried its iced version, and I think that it is super good for its price.

The dark roast doctor says that Kenco is a better choice for iced coffee as it comes in a variety of iced coffee flavours. There is nothing unpleasant about it, and it is certainly more than the typical supermarket instant coffee.

Douwe Egberts is bold and strong 

Douwe Egberts is the 3rd most popular coffee brand in the UK. It was established in the 17th century in the Dutch province of Friesland. Douwe Egberts coffees are a little bit more expensive than other instant coffee brands, but they are definitely worth the price.

It comes in many different flavours and versions. My favourite one is the pure gold instant version. The best thing about Douwe Egberts coffee is that it is not foamy, and it has an enjoyable, mildly nutty taste.

Its texture is also quite nice, and the colour is a medium brown with a tint of orange.

I would say that Douwe Egberts instant coffee tastes pretty different from other instant coffee. Made from different blends, it has a complex flavour, a little bit bitter but smooth and rich. It has a bold smell and a spicy aftertaste.

If you are into strong coffees, I am sure this one is at least worth a try.

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Cafédirect is the rising star

Without a doubt, Cafédirect instant coffee is the rising star of the coffee manufacturing industry. It has been around for more than 25 years. It is perhaps the most liked British coffee company.

If you compare instant coffee prices, this one is on the expensive side. It is the kind of coffee you can gift. It is not too expensive but certainly not cheap. If you like rich and nutty-tasting coffees, then this one is worth spending the money on.

It is made from the best and carefully selected Arabica beans. Cafédirect instant coffee is strongly roasted, which suppresses the Arabica bean acidity and enhances the flavour. Its colour is very dark, almost black or black with a tint of red.

It completely dissolves in water, just like any excellent instant coffee. It has a very different smell, like a mild cocoa smell mixed with some nutty aroma. It is tough to explain Cafédirect coffee flavour in words, if I may say it is balanced and bold.

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 Maxwell instant coffee is cheap but good

Maxwell Coffee was established in the 18th century in the US. It is quite popular in the UK and is known for being a cheap coffee brand. Maxwell coffee comes in various versions, and the most popular in the UK is instant coffee.

Its quality is good for its price, and it tastes pretty good actually compared to what I hoped for, its aroma is also not bad.

It is thick and has a rich flavour. It smells intense and a little bit smokey. It is a good option for everyday use as it is pocket friendly.

I hope you enjoyed reading our list of the top 5 instant coffee brands in the UK. Thank you for taking the time!

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