Ways You Can Make Your Car Eco-friendlier | Guest Post – The Busy Papa

Ways You Can Make Your Car Eco-friendlier _ Guest Post – The Busy PapA

When it comes to green living, some changes are somewhat simpler to make than others. Switching out products or establishing sustainable living habits takes time and effort but are cheaper and easier to achieve for most than moving to an electric car.

For many, this simply is not a viable option. In time, this will change, and we’ll see a vast array of affordable, reliable and accessible battery powered vehicles available. However, we aren’t there yet.

Whether your own vehicle or a holiday rental; we can’t always have access to the ideal option. Fortunately, there is still plenty you can do to reduce a car’s carbon footprint.

Even a simple change such as choosing a better air filter for car can make a big difference; so here are some ways you can make a difference and ensure your car is more Eco-friendly.

Weigh Out Your Options

The heavier the car, the more fuel it burns. As drivers, there are things we can and should be doing to mitigate this.

A good starting point is eliminating unneeded clutter. Whilst sometimes storing heavy objects in the back can save time and manual labour. However, it does have an impact on your fuel economy. Essentially, it costs both you and the environment. Equally, when travelling; the lighter you pack, the better.

One of the biggest differences you can make to the weight of the car is not to fill up the tank. Less fuel means less heavy and that means more miles. Sure, there’s a time cost in topping up but in managing your fuel stops but keeping the tank at half or below is much more Eco-friendly.

Photo by Hossein Soltanloo on Unsplash

Ditch the De-Icer

Simply put, de-icer is bad on so many levels. The chemicals used are incredibly toxic, they both hurt wildlife and vegetation alike. They can even leave nearby soil infertile. Alternative options include manual scrapers, covering the windscreen overnight and leaving a hot water bottle in the car overnight.

Don’t Idle

If you’re parking for more than a minute or two, switch that engine off. Otherwise it just keeps pumping out those fumes.


Cool It with the Air Con

Switching on the A/C puts a strain on the electrics which in turn means the engine must work harder. As the car compensates for the increased power, the fuel consumption raises significantly. Starting with the windows is a good idea but if the air con truly is necessary then at leased ensure the A/C system is maintained properly.

Don’t Be Deflated Under Pressure

These puns are tyre’ing. Seriously though, driving with underinflated tyres causes more drag which in turn; burns more fuel and increases the carbon dioxide output. The best way to negate the effects on the environment are to check (and adjust) the tyre pressure about once a month.

Stay in Tune

Whilst I’m no mechanic and hardly a motor enthusiast, I do know that with so many working parts; failing to keep them in order can have a massive impact on the emissions produced.

In fact, a well-maintained car is one of the best steps towards having an Eco-friendly vehicle. Just be sure the mechanic you use disposes or their fluids and parts properly.

About the Busy Papa

Aaron, also known as The Busy Papa, is a blogger, writer, freelancer and former software engineer based in Hertfordshire (just north of London).

He wants to be more involved in conservation projects and dream of establishing a poetry workshop and programming club for special needs children in his area. The Busy Papa has two children (the Papalites); a boy and a girl (almost four years apart). You can find him on Twitter and Facebook too.

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