2020 Bathroom Trend Predictions


If your ‘new year, new you’ mantra incorporates a little bit of home refurbishment rest assured you are not alone. Bathrooms are often the overlooked room of the house after all most visitors never see the inside.

Whether you have an ensuite, a family bathroom or a downstairs vanity room you might be interested to learn just what is predicted to be on-trend in 2020 so you can keep your smallest room totally on-point.

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Shower Screens

Shower curtains are a health hazard, and they look tacky in every bathroom. One wrong move when drawing the curtain and you end up with water everywhere, need we go on?

Shower screens are a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative, and they can be kept cleaner and are more accessible to a position.

One thing that seems to be looking big for 2020 is contrast and colour, so why not have a look at a screen with a black frame, and while you are there bag yourself a black bath because these are going to explode in popularity.

Wet Rooms

What could be easier than strolling into your bathroom and switching on the shower? Wet rooms are an excellent alternative to the individual combinations of showers, stalls and screens.

They offer a tremendous amount of customisability, with room for two shower heads, his and hers, or if you are feeling selfish one either side of you and no room for company.

With the whole room comfortably able to get wet all that remains is to pick some tiles and hardware options, (green will also be a prominent feature colour this year) and decide what goes where.

Photo by Filios Sazeides on Unsplash

Wood Effect Vanity Units

One thing that can be really frustrating in the bathroom is clutter, and that is where a functional vanity unit comes in.

This year we are expecting the wood effect to be significant, with dark oaks, paler pines and some mid-brown walnuts featuring heavily on the bestseller lists.

Not only does the wood effect vanity unit look good, but it reduces the amount of clutter you have to have on display, and helps you create a well-organised look.

Go for the neat no handle look, and you will earn yourself even more kudos points for being bang on trend, and compliment with some metal framed mirrors for contrast in materials.

Photo by ONNE Beauty on Unsplash

Digital Showers

There is nothing more disappointing than looking forward to a steaming hot shower only to find yourself standing under a pathetic, barely warm trickle.

Upgrading your shower should be paramount, and it stands to reason that keeping up with technology will pay off. Digital showers have taken the morning routine to a new level, and you will have a digital display and easy button control to create the perfect temperate and range of water flow options.

Many come with extras like LED lights, and you can match the black bath and screen or opt for something in silver if you prefer. We are particularly in love with the shower panel, which removes the old tubing and conceals everything in a slick unit.

Featured Image | NELbali Photography on Unsplash

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  1. I’d love a digital shower. We’re thinking about a bathroom upgrade so will keep these in mind!

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