Search Engine Optimisation Tips for Bloggers

Search Engine Optimisation Tips for Bloggers

2020 is already booming and I have lots of work projects in mind. This brand-new decade can also bring inspiration to create a more effective SEO strategy. That’s the reason I’m prioritising my website’s SEO strategies and I’m looking forward to giving it a bit of boost. If you feel you would like someone to do the hard work for you, digital marketing companies like iTonic offer organic search engine optimisation to help to raise your natural listings.

From layout to social media channels. Head to toe. It’s time to start fresh and be creative, but we know we can always count on old tools when talking about Search Engine Optimisation.

Creating a site, particularly a blog, can be a great tool for many people. Whether it is to support your business or just to spread news and information about a topic you are particularly interested in, it is important to make sure that your blog is viewed by the largest number of people possible.

This is where search engine optimisation comes in. Most web creators know that SEO is important however blogs are one area where it is often overlooked. I know I can always count on Search Engine Optimisation companies such to help me out.

However, we look at the best tips for improving SEO on your blog.

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Do Your Research

When you are writing your blog, then chances are you are naturally including keywords in your content without you having to think about it. Keywords are important for Search Engine Optimisation.

Therefore, it makes sense to research which are the best keywords to include in your blog post before you start writing. This will mean that you can adapt your article to include as many of the strong keywords as you can whilst writing. It may mean that some natural tweaks to your style to include keywords will help your SEO no end.

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Use Keywords Throughout Your Post

Once you have found your valuable relevant keywords then it is important that you use them throughout your post.

These need to be used in the most natural and relevant way possible. Search Engines are getting wise to ‘keyword stuffing’ where the words are just littered throughout the article without any thought to readability and this will reduce your search engine optimisation.

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Optimise Your Images

Your images are also a good place to get keywords into your article. Make sure that your filenames for images contain keywords and that you fill out the alt text with a brief description of the image that includes the keywords for your article.

Reference Others with Links

Whenever you talk about other people or sites in your article then make sure you include a link to the relevant page or site.

Not only is a good etiquette whilst you are blogging, but it also increases the chances of you getting a link back to your article from that site. Backlinks are one of the biggest boosts to Search Engine Optimisation that you can have, there you should take every opportunity you can to generate them.

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Give Readers the Option to Subscribe

Make sure that your readers are kept on top of your new posts. This means including an RSS feed or an email subscription option prominently on your posts.

This will mean that a user won’t have to keep checking your site to know when new content goes live. It will also mean that when they get a notification that you have made a new post, they will come to your site to check it out.

Use Social Media to Broaden the Reach of Your Posts

When you make a blog post, then ensure that you use social media to highlight it to a wider audience as possible. This means not only using Twitter and Facebook but tying it all together with other social media offerings as well.

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