Tips to Make Your Road Trip More Sustainable

Tips to Make Your Road Trip More Sustainable

We’re about to say goodbye to the winter and I won’t deny that the excitement of breaking into Spring soon is already picking up. It’s when I start planning all my trips in the year.

From the usual visit to my family in Brazil to our traditional travel plans for our birthday and wedding anniversary. By the way, is there a better way of celebrating life than expanding your horizons?

But every single year we can to make more sustainable choices when travelling as well. Sustainable travel comes in all shapes and sizes. It can either be easy to plan or quite challenging too.

I totally agree no-fly travel is still the Eco-friendlier way of going to different destinations.

However, there are ways of proving that a road trip journey can also be environmentally friendly. It promotes car-sharing and there are even polls that show that eco-driving training can achieve a fuel saving of up to 15%.

Believe me, you don’t need to have hybrid vehicles, the efficiency driving will help you to travel on a more sustainable way.

So, here are my tips to make your road trip greener.

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#1. Check Up Your Car

The safer, the better. It’s applied to all kind of journeys by car. It doesn’t matter if you’re crossing the country via motorways or just going to work.

It’s essential to check oil levels, tire pressure, breaks, have your MOT updated and prepare your emergency kit before going on the road. A safe and up to date vehicle won`t give you any extra headaches on the road.

It saves time, money and driving efficiently will help to reduce carbon emissions too.

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#2. Go for a Motorhome  

I know you may be thinking that motorhomes are not seen as the most environmental-friendly vehicle. It’s not all true. Nowadays, it’s totally possible to pick Eco-friendlier models equipped with solar powers.

Besides, travelling by a campervan is also a better way to keep us closer to nature. It’s a great source of avoiding waste, considering Eco-campers tend to bring their own food and water. They will also recycle their waste in the campsites too. Brilliant!

Staying local is a great way of reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions provoked by travelling abroad by plane.

There are thousands of campsites in the UK waiting for your visit. You can choose used and brand new motorhome models visiting Tottington Motor Company.

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#3.Plan your Journey

I think this is standard. Planning your journey using road apps like Gas Guru, Waze and GPS will reduce the risk of getting lost and prolong your journey. It’s not environmentally friendly either!

Get everyone on the same page about where you are going and what are you doing. This way, you can plan an entire journey without stress on the open road.

Adding information about those necessary stops at service stations will keep everyone happy. Also, knowing where to stop in your journey in advance will also avoid visiting places that may be closed. Plan the trip in advance is fun and technology is here to help us.


#4. Bring Your Own Reusables

Reusables are part of an Eco-friendly lifestyle. When joining a road trip, it’s important to keep track of the waste. Stopping for a coffee can generates more recycling. That’s the reason that a reusable cup is the ultimate essential packing.

Bring your reusable bottles to fill up with water and avoid buying plastic bottles. Then, let your imagination flows. I have even my own knife, spoon and chopsticks kit to take with me when I do need to eat on the road. Reusables are the ultimate BYOS – bring your own stuff.

Photo by Simon Noh on Unsplash

#5. Make Your Playlist

I know. Keeping the energy up when travelling long distance by car can be challenging. Especially if you are with a group of people in the car or some bored children at the backseat.

Make your own playlist is a way that my husband always gets through car journeys in the country. It’s actually a compulsory item in our checklist. We used MP3 and now Bluetooth to make our perfect soundtrack for travellers. And you should start doing this too!

Plus, it avoids people to bring CD’s and more plastic to the trip. By the way, is CD still a thing?

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*This is a collaborative post

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